New Website for local Bristol Bed & Breakfast

We like to think that we can improve a company’s rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) pretty quickly, when it comes to optimising websites. When a company has no online presence whatsoever though, then we really are starting from scratch.

This was the state the Old Gloucester Road Farm Bed & Breakfast found themselves in, when their previous hosting company stopped working in the UK with very little warning, taking their website down in the process. Whilst not completely reliant on its website for bookings, the B&B would inevitably lose business without a website in place and so they came to us at Superb Digital for help getting a new website up and fast.

Bed & Breakfast Online


Knowing that every day this lovely little B&B was without a website could mean lost bookings, we managed to design and build them a new website in just 2 weeks. This included using a professional photographer to take some up to date photos of the hotel and its rooms for the new website.

The look we went for was a simple but elegant design with a full screen image of the hotel on the homepage and parallax scrolling. Being an SEO company meant we also made sure the new website was fully optimised for search at every level of its development.

The finished result, it was agreed by the hotel’s owner Nicola Ann Baker, is a dramatic improvement on the previous and really helps show off the character of this charming farmhouse B&B. Perhaps more importantly though, the website has put these West Country hoteliers back in the search results where they belong.

What the client said

Many thanks Paul for compiling such a wonderful website at Old Gloucester Rd Farm bed and breakfast. Kind regards. Nicola.

Nicola Anna Baker