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Beautiful Web Design with SEO at its Heart

At Superb Digital, we don’t just build beautiful mobile friendly websites, we build beautiful mobile friendly websites that are optimised from the ground up, in order to deliver you the best return on your investment over their lifetime. We believe the best websites are a synergy between style and function, which is why we never compromise on optimisation and UX in favour of aesthetics and vice versa.

Although our web design can be taken as a standalone service, we don’t see it as independent from our SEO service. Business websites shouldn’t just look beautiful but they need to be user and search engine friendly, which is why we take the time to structure and optimise your website from the initial brief stage onwards. For this reason, we’ll always factor in SEO and keyword strategy to the development process, ensuring your website doesn’t just look great, it will also be able to rank well in the search results.


Expert Web Developers in Bristol


At Superb Digital we take web design seriously and don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. Sure we can just reskin your website but we want your website to work for you so we’ll take the time to understand what you want from your website, in order to put together a realistic proposal. The better placed we are to realise what you want your website to do, as well as what you want it to look like, the more we can create an online asset that delivers results.

We’ll work closely with you and/or your web developer in order to deliver a smooth and seamless experience. Where necessary and if required we can let your web developer take on some of the workload, but we’ll project manage the whole process.

Whether it’s a re-brand or a brand new website let us help you make your most important digital asset the best it can possibly be.

Bristol Web Design Services


Web Design

As well as being functional and optimised for search, our websites look fantastic, embodying the style and personality of your brand. We have a robust and easy sign off process that ensures you have oversight and control every step of the way.

Web Development

From small business websites to sprawling ecommerce stores, our experienced developers have been building websites for many years. Because we understand SEO, we never take shortcuts in developing websites, meaning your website structure and URL hierarchy will be perfectly optimised for search from the ground up.

Web Hosting

We offer all our clients, superfast and secure web hosting on our UK based web servers. Our Linux based web hosting is not only reliable but also really great value for money. We will ensure your website is always kept safe from potential threats and ensure visitors to your site always experience optimum performance and load speed.

Client Reviews

  • Josh Smith

    We saw good results within first few months of working with Superb Digital and are now number one for Removals Bristol on Google.

    Huw Bendon

    Superb Digital carried out thorough and very useful SEO audit of my website. It gave me a good understanding of where we were at the moment, and clear direction on what we could do to improve search engine rankings over the short and long term. Highly recommend!

    Cabling Science Ltd

    I would like to thank Paul and the team at Superb digital for the professional approach to the Cabling Science website overhaul. Many of our clients have provided great feedback on the improved website and we cant get better praise than that.

  • Vanessa George

    We've been using Superb for about 18 months now and during this time have seen significant progress with our SEO results.

    Simon Green

    Superb Digital have been leading the SEO strategy for Lillicoco for over a year and I would highly recommend their services.

    Richard Woodgate

    Great communication, a good understanding of my requirements and a patient ear. Highly recommended.

  • Mickey Luke

    It's all in the company name. The team have been great partners delivering on our requirements and on their promises.


    The quality of work was amazing and they delivered each element of the project on time! I would thoroughly recommend them.

    Compton House of Fashion

    I highly recommend Superb Digital & would be happy to speak to anyone who who would like me to elaborate further.

  • Honney Direct

    Probably the best SEO company out there! Paul has done an Amazing job.

    David Baker

    Paul and his team were really fun to work with! they had some innovative ideas which helped my site gain some great organic rankings.

    David Watson

    Really helpful and focussed SEO support

  • Paul Silcox

    Paul and the team at Superb Digital have done a cracking job, they have helped me build up my business and generate new leads. I have a strategy now and confidence in Superb to deliver on that strategy.

    Peter Mitchell

    Consistently high rankings. Premium digital marketing agency. highly recommended.

Our Web Design Process

1. Consultation: Great websites start with great briefs. This is why the consultation phase is so important, allowing us the opportunity to listen and understand what you want your website to do as well as look like. We’ll ask questions like, what’s the purpose of your website? What do you want visitors to do when they arrive at your website? How will we measure whether the new website is a success?

2. Brief creation: After the initial consultation, we’ll translate your requirements into an initial website brief and if required add functional specification. The more information we can get from you off the back of the more accurate the brief will be to your vision. We’ll then pass the brief to you to add your own comments, ask further questions and suggest changes. We’ll then incorporate these into the brief.

3. Content Creation: Once the brief has been signed off, we can start adding the content. If you have any existing copy this will largely consist of just bringing it across and incorporating it into the new site structure. There may be areas we need to bulk out or possibly add new sections requiring fresh content. We can produce new copy for you if need be (we will discuss your content requirements at the consultation stage). Once we have the copy we need to populate the new site we can move onto fleshing out the actual design.

4. Web Design: Now the fun bit starts. Our web designer will start to graphically design the website based around the brief. This is done in Photoshop and we’ll often produce a couple of different mockups based on your brand colours and styling. This will be presented to you in a JPEG format. Once you’re happy with the final design it’s time to start building your new site.

5. Website build: The website will be built on the CMS (content management system) of your choosing. We recommend WordPress for pretty much every site build as it’s the most adaptable and SEO friendly CMS out there and with WooCommerce works perfectly for ecommerce. The CMS will also help you (or us) to keep the website up to date post launch. The website will be responsive, meaning the design and layout will adapt to suit the device your visitors are using, whether that’s mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

6. Testing: We’ll fully test the performance of your new website. This will include all functional testing as well as cross device testing. Different devices and browsers will often render your website differently so we’ll check all the latest to ensure a consistent experience for all users.

7. Launch: Launching your website will be carefully choreographed, from uploading to your web server, updating DNS settings, using 301 redirects to map your old website structure to the new one. If you’re changing domain name, then we can manage this process through Google Search Console. Each of these elements needs to be considered to ensure potential customers can still find your website.

Web Design FAQs

A CMS is a software program, often web based, which allows a user to create, edit and delete digital content, allowing someone to maintain a website by regularly updating and adding new content. It’s most well known use would be with a website. The most well known and widely used CMS on the web today is WordPress. This started out many years ago a blogging platform, however, over the years it has evolved into a fully fledged and powerful CMS. Other popular CMS’s are Shopify, Magento, SquareSpace, Wix, Drupal and Joomla.

Due to its ease of use, extensibility and SEO friendliness we recommend using WordPress. It’s great for both large and small websites and can handle e-commerce sites too with the free Woocommerce plugin. 

Ultimately it all depends on your requirements and budget and as no two websites are the same and every business will have slightly different requirements and ways of doing things. For some businesses, the costs of switching to a new CMS won’t justify the benefits gained. Conversely its important to have your website on a platform that will serve your needs years into the future as the more extensive and entrenched your website becomes on one platform, the more complex and costly it is to switch to another. 

The best thing to do is just get in touch and we can advise you of your options based on the information you give us.

You can have as many pages as you like on the website. A CMS will allow you to add pages and blog posts to keep your website up to date. As part of the web design project we’ll limit the amount of pages we’ll mock-up to those which are absolutely necessary and defined within the brief and by your budget. As your website grows and the number of pages increases, whether these be informational or transactional pages it’s important you have a strong website structure in place so Google’s crawlers (and users) can easily navigate the site and understand how your content fits together.

Your web design project timeline will vary on the complexity of your functional requirements. Typically a web project will take approximately 12 weeks however this all depends on having the right brief, the content and your feedback ready to give when required. When we have an initial consultation we will be able to give you a more accurate timescale.

Snagging lists are inevitable with most website builds and this can slow down the process a bit. This is where you and we test the website and identify any issues in terms of functionality. We’ll look to fix these very quickly after they’re identified so the site can go live on schedule.

What tends to hold websites up is a lack of content which often flows from a lack of understanding from the client of how they want the site to be structured. Our consultation process will identify these potential issues early on and explain the importance of having content ready to go or written by us, in order to proceed with the build.

The cost of a website varies so much depending on what you need. As such it’s just not possible to give you a one-size fits all cost. The factors that will affect the cost of your website include whether you want a custom design & build or a template, the content management system, your brief, technical requirements, images. Another huge cost factor will be whether you’re supplying the content or whether we need to write new content for you. 


Through the initial consultation process we’ll be able to advise on all of the above and provide you with a quote. Any additional requirements will be quoted separately.

Yes we can. In fact most of the websites we design and build, we also host on our superfast servers. There are additional costs to host and if required maintain your website, we’ll be able to quote you on this based on your needs prior to commencing the project.

No we don’t. If you’d rather use your own hosting pages that’s fine we can work with whomever you choose. We can also advise you on a good hosting company, if you don’t want to host with us but have no idea who to use for this service.

Yes we can. There are additional costs depending on how many mail boxes you need. Again we’ll discuss this with you upfront and provide a quote.

Yes, typically we recommend WordPress with Woocommerce but ultimately it depends on your requirements. We also have experience with Shopify and Magento, so can design and build your website on the most suitable platform.

One of the additional benefits from using Superb Digital to design and build your website is that we’ll ensure SEO best practice is baked into the project from the very start. This doesn’t mean that your website will automatically rank really well on Google’s search results, as SEO is an ongoing process that is driven by the creation of ranking signals like optimised on-site content and authoritative backlinks.

If you want your website to rank well in Google, then we recommend using our SEO service, which we will begin implementing from the moment your website is live.

Following our consultation we’ll quote your new website based on your brief. Changes to that brief after it’s been signed off and agreed upon could result in us reviewing and ultimately increasing our quoted price. We are happy to make a single round of reasonable amends / tweaks to the design of the dev website once it’s been built but if you want to make any changes after this, then these will be charged at our hourly rate.

We have a two stage sign off process in place (brief and the mockup JPEG) to avoid extra costs and unnecessary amends. So the more thorough and detailed the brief, the more spot on the subsequent mockup will be and the less likely that there will be any significant changes that will incur extra costs once we build the site.

Once the final invoice for your website and any agreed extras has been settled you will own the copyright to your website and design (although if you want to mention us in your website footer, we certainly won’t mind).

We can supply images for your new website if required. These could either be stock photos or if you need something more unique we can arrange for a professional photographer at an additional cost. If you want to source images yourself, we can certainly advise you as to the kind of images that would work well with the style and layout of the theme, as well as the kind of resolution you’ll need in each instance.

All of our websites are designed and built to be mobile friendly and responsive to the device used to view them. That means no matter whether someone visits your website via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone they will see a version of your website optimised for the device they’re using.

Absolutely, yes. The great thing about using WordPress is that most people are already familiar with this platform, however we will show you how to use the website for your day to day needs. If you require more in depth and technical training, we can arrange this for an additional cost.

A 301 redirect is the name (number) for a server response code – it tells a web browser or search engine crawler that the resource or web page it’s trying to access has permanently moved. They are used when you want to delete or move a web page on your website, perhaps it’s an old blog post, a service you no longer offer or an old member of staff.

When you redesign a website this will often include a restructure or new content management system (CMS). This means new web page URLs. To ensure that when your new website is launched visitors and search engines can understand what’s happened and access the new website via the old URLs a series of redirects and redirect rules will be created – this is extremely important for SEO – without it you will find your search engine rankings dropping very quickly.

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