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What Will Our Content Marketing Service Do For You?

Content Marketing Agency Bristol
  • Grow your brand presence amongst your target audience
  • Establish you as a thought leader and go-to expert in your sector
  • Build trust and engagement
  • Increase inbound organic search and referral traffic to your website
  • Increase leads, enquiries and sales

Why Content Marketing Matters

By providing helpful and engaging content your target audience wants on a consistent basis, content marketing can position your business and its people as thought leaders in your field. Being an authority in your field doesn’t just build trust in your brand but it helps to establish your website and other online assets as the go-to source for people wanting to understand more about your industry or what you do.

This audience are potential customers currently at the top of the marketing funnel, looking for answers to questions (and maybe not even aware that you can help them). Content marketing creates the necessary educational and branded content that helps bring this audience onto your radar before pushing them down the funnel towards more specific enquiries and final purchase.


Content Marketing is Integral to what we do


Our content marketing strategy will take into account the kind of audience you want to target and what kind of content appeals to them. As well as establishing and developing your own site as a powerful content hub, we can also begin reaching out to leading independent websites and blogs in your industry with a view to publishing guest posts under your authorship.

Not only will this allow us to create valuable links back to your own website for SEO purposes, it will also help us begin establishing your brand as an authority in your field amongst the kind of people you want to be reaching.

Content Marketing Services

Content Audit

We can analyse the performance of your current content and strategy in order to identify areas we need to develop and areas you may already be doing well in. We will then create a detailed set of improvement recommendations that will inform our content plan.

Content Strategy

Based on your brand and target audience we can develop an engaging and actionable programme of content, including guides, industry analysis and insights, helping to position you as a thought leader in your field.


We don’t believe copy should just be written for search engines. To be effective, your content needs to be genuinely informative and engaging. Our copywriters will thoroughly research each brief and really get under the skin of a topic in order to produce authoritative content that your audience will want to shout about.

Content Marketing Client Reviews

  • Paul Silcox

    Paul and the team at Superb Digital have done a cracking job, they have helped me build up my business and generate new leads. I have a strategy now and confidence in Superb to deliver on that strategy.

    Honney Direct

    Probably the best SEO company out there! Paul has done an Amazing job.

    Josh Smith

    We saw good results within first few months of working with Superb Digital and are now number one for Removals Bristol on Google.

  • David Watson

    Really helpful and focussed SEO support

    Mary McCarron

    Calvium have been working with Superb Digital for a while now. The team are always friendly, responsive & professional - a great bunch!

    Gildas Jones

    As it says on the tin, superb service at a great price, recommended

  • Richard Woodgate

    Great communication, a good understanding of my requirements and a patient ear. Highly recommended.

    Peter Mitchell

    Consistently high rankings. Premium digital marketing agency. highly recommended.

    Cabling Science Ltd

    I would like to thank Paul and the team at Superb digital for the professional approach to the Cabling Science website overhaul. Many of our clients have provided great feedback on the improved website and we cant get better praise than that.

  • SustainIt

    The quality of work was amazing and they delivered each element of the project on time! I would thoroughly recommend them.

    Mickey Luke

    It's all in the company name. The team have been great partners delivering on our requirements and on their promises.

    Compton House of Fashion

    I highly recommend Superb Digital & would be happy to speak to anyone who who would like me to elaborate further.

  • Simon Green

    Superb Digital have been leading the SEO strategy for Lillicoco for over a year and I would highly recommend their services.

    Vanessa George

    We've been using Superb for about 18 months now and during this time have seen significant progress with our SEO results.

    David Baker

    Paul and his team were really fun to work with! they had some innovative ideas which helped my site gain some great organic rankings.

Our Content Marketing Process

1. Consultation: The first touchpoint in our content marketing process involves an initial meeting or phone call to understand more about your company and what you hope to achieve from your content. This will also allow us to explain our content process in a bit more detail. We will also discuss what kind of budget you want to commit.

2. Content Audit: It’s important that we get an understanding of your existing body of content, which is why we will conduct a content audit in order to bring to light what you’ve spoken about previously and, perhaps more importantly, what topics you haven’t. This will allow us to identify pieces of content that aren’t performing as well as they should be, that we can ‘beef up’ to better optimise them.

3. Topic Research: Once the audit has identified any ‘quick wins’ by beefing up existing content we will begin researching distinct topics and areas we can talk about. From this we’ll produce a number of proposed article titles which we’ll send to you for sign off. How much involvement and steer you want in this process is entirely up to you but we find the more client input, the faster we are able to get under the skin of your industry and identify trending topics and the common questions your customers ask.

4. Content Calendar: Once we have greenlighted a satisfactory number of proposed topics and titles, we’ll create a content calendar which will lay out which months we’ll tackle which areas. If you want us to prioritise certain articles over others, this is the point to feed this information to us. If we’re working on your social media we’ll also create a separate content calendar for each platform.

5. Draft Content: Once we have built the foundations that is the content strategy, the next stage is to start writing the content. We will begin by assigning one of our superb copywriters to your account. This is for consistency and allows them to really get a deep understanding of your industry and your preferred style and tone. The copywriter will then produce the copy, after which we will check it in house before sharing it with you via Google docs (don’t worry, we can quickly set you up on this if you don’t have a Google account or Gmail).

6. Content Sign off: Once you have received the copy you can then review it and sign off on it when you’re happy with it. Whilst we always aim to get content spot on every time, you may wish to leave comments and suggestions or make some minor changes. We’re happy to receive this feedback as it helps our copywriters become more savvy with the ins and outs of your industry. You may wish for a more staged sign off process, in which case we’ll send you an article outline for sign off before producing the draft content.

7. Content Publication: Once the final content has been signed off by you, the next stage is to publish it. We will publish or schedule your content on your website’s Content Management System (all we need are the login details) as well as your social media accounts. We’ll also source appropriate images to go with it. If you’d prefer to publish the content yourself that’s absolutely fine as well.

Content Marketing FAQs

Content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on producing and promoting content that a business’ target audience finds relevant and valuable with the goal of developing customer relationships built on trust. It can take on any form—from traditional types of content such as blog posts and whitepapers to more visual-oriented formats like infographics and video to interactive assets.

Content is promoted through multiple channels, including link building, social media, forums, email, etc. Wherever the target audience may go to find the information they are looking for, that’s where the content is shared.

By providing helpful and engaging content your target audience wants on a consistent basis, your business can become a thought leader in your field. Being an authority in your field means your brand will be seen as the go-to source for information or entertainment for customers who are at the top of the marketing funnel. We can help build this visibility through SEO but also through guest blogging and social media.

They go hand-in-hand in driving traffic to your site. Content marketing builds domain authority, which helps your site climb the search results pages. SEO ensures your content gets found through organic search.

Content marketing is a multi-channel approach to attracting customers and engaging them throughout the consumer journey. Social media, your own website’s blog, third party sites, PR, newsletters, radio, television and physical assets like print and promotional products. All work in concert towards making your target audience aware of your brand. Content marketing is also driven by analysing consumer behaviour on such channels to understand how to best reach the buyer personas on each channel.

SEO, on the other hand, focuses on improving the search visibility of your content and the technical aspects of your website to make it as easy as possible for people using search engines to find your content and your website. It’s more directly concerned with how your site ranks in search engines and the user experience for your site’s visitors. SEO doesn’t just have to be focused on your website visibility either (YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google after all).

A buyer persona is an idealised version of a customer within your business’ target audience. It should be a detailed profile that factors in demographics, behaviour, and desires based on market research and data on actual customers. Buyer personas give direction for your content marketing efforts and help you to understand your audience and tailor your content accordingly.

We tailor our content marketing strategy to fit your company’s target audience and the channels they frequent within the budget that you have in mind. This involves doing our own market research and content ideation to fill your calendar.

We also research the top competitors in your niche to find out the kind of content their audiences deem useful and discover any gaps in their content. From the data we’ve gathered, we can then brainstorm topics that would make for great content.

We then measure visibility and engagement with your content to understand how it’s serving your overall SEO strategy as well as creating exposure for your business across other channels.

Under the stewardship of the Content Director we have a network of seasoned copywriters that produce our clients content. Our lead copywriter assists the content director in putting together content plans for each of our clients, based on our SEO strategies.

All our copywriters are SEO savvy and have many years experience writing news, technical articles, features as well as highly optimised web copy.

We cannot make any promises regarding the potential virality of the content we produce and any agency that says otherwise is probably lying. Unless your’re a big brand aiming to get your content viral is in fact counterproductive as it is unrealistic and what you’d benefit more from is engagement levels. It’s often better to get your content in front of 1000 people and generate 50 useful engagements than get it in front of 10,000 people and get 500 useless engagements.

What we can do is make content that is informative and actionable in forms that your target audience will find accessible and engaging. Through consistency, we will create content that will help you build your brand to the point that relevant people are regularly sharing and talking about your content.

You don’t need content to go viral to enjoy increased site traffic, better leads, and ultimately more revenue.

We welcome clients who are interested in actively collaborating with us in our content production process. Our content team are highly experienced in developing ideas, researching topics in depth and turning them into high quality articles and guides on their own. Your input and feedback is important though.

Many of our clients will suggest topics and ideas for content, as well as useful data in their industry. We will then use this to research and flesh out a solid content plan, often adding our own suggestions. We also offer a two stage sign off process in which we’ll produce a detailed article outline, which you can sign off on before we produce the copy.

We would encourage clients at the very least to pre-approve topics, and go over and sign off finished content before we post to their websites. Saying that some clients are happy for us to just post content as and when we write it. How much oversight and input you want is ultimately up to you.

No, we won’t. One round of amendments are included in your rate, as long as they’re reasonable (we won’t add entirely new sections for example if these weren’t signed off at the outline stage). However, we make sure that the onboarding process is extensive enough that we will know your brand voice, style, and preferences before we start producing your content. This will minimise the back-and-forth during the content development process.

If you want more control over content direction so you can get across the points you want to talk about, we can produce a detailed outline for the copy (e.g. main points, sub points, sources, etc) prior to writing it. Once you approve these outlines, then development will start.

The saying “content is king” is only half-true. As good as you believe the content you have already created is, it doesn’t matter if no one knows about it or people can’t find it. What’s needed is visibility.

As well as creating the content, we also do the “marketing” part by offering a full SEO service, which will drastically increase the visibility in Google of your blog articles. Part of this service will often involve guest blogging which will get your content in front of the right eyeballs on third party sites.

In a word, no. The truth is that for the vast majority of businesses their target audience isn’t clicking on a blog article and reading it intending to buy their products or enlist their services. At least not initially. What they’re looking for is information. This information might be informative and lead them towards the services or products offered by your site.

Blogs should be used for ‘top of the funnel’ content – that is content aimed at potential customers looking for solutions to their problems not bottom of the funnel, which is where the customer is close to purchase.

Whilst it’s fine to use your blog to promote your company and new product lines or services, primarily it should be about thought leadership content that should be educational, informative and entertaining. When blogging you need to think more like a journalist or educator than a marketer.

When consumers see that your brand is sincere in helping them out through content that clearly shows you have the expertise and truly understand their problems, they will grow to trust you and engage with your content. This primes them for the later stages of the sales funnel where you can qualify leads and turn prospects into paying customers.

There is a common misconception that the cost of creating quality content is too much for small businesses. While content production is not cheap, it is also not exclusive to multinationals with hundreds of thousands of pounds to spend in advertising. With enough time to mature, content marketing can be the most cost-effective marketing method because of its high ROI.

We can deliver a content marketing strategy to your business on just about any budget. You can start with monthly blog posts and ramp up to a full-blown campaign with content published in other sites relevant to your target audience’s interests.

Yes, as long as it is aligned with what you want to accomplish with your overall marketing strategy, and ultimately, with your business. In fact, if you’re serious about creating a thriving and successful business it’s more risky not to be doing content marketing.

You need to have the right metrics that will match the goal of your campaign. For instance, if you want an increase in brand awareness, then we’ll measure your site traffic, page/video views, social engagement, etc. For lead generation, we’ll measure email subscribers, form completion, or blog subscribers.

We look at the data from all your marketing channels (e.g. organic traffic, social media, ads, etc) to be certain that the results we are seeing can be attributed to the content we are producing. You can check out our case studies for the results we’ve given to our clients.

Content Marketing Insights

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