Campaign Summary

The international sister site of JM Wholesale, JM Distro was in desperate need of makeover, with their old site a clunky and not particularly user friendly affair. The result was a brand new Shopify site with a vastly improved look and UX.

JM Distro website in a tablet
About JM Distro

About JM Distro

JM Distro is the international arm of our long standing client, JM Wholesale, who supply vape and CBD equipment and paraphernalia to an international market of retailers, both physical shops and online only. Setup in 2017 by savvy businessman Logie Rajanhad, the international operation is much smaller than JM Wholesale but continues to grow the company’s presence outside the UK.

The Challenge

We had been working on the JM Wholesale campaign for a few months when Logie came to us in April 2019 to talk about his issues concerning the JM Distro website. The Shopify theme he had been using was no longer serving its purpose, creating a slow, clunky and not particularly attractive website.

With the resulting poor user experience, the site wasn’t in fitting with the now rapidly growing JM Wholesale brand and was in need of a makeover. This wouldn’t just mean choosing a new theme for the website but also making sure the migration was smooth with proper plugin integration, as well as a number of other technical challenges.

JM Distro Web Design on iPad
JM Distro Homepage

The Implementation

The new site setup took about a day and went as smoothly as we’d hoped it would, with no downtime on the JM Distro site whatsoever. After presenting Logie with a number of appropriate themes we’d hand picked, he settled on one and we got to work.

After downloading and implementing the new theme, a lot of the work was surrounding testing and integrating with the apps (plugins) that the old JM Distro site was using. Two of the most important were Currency Convertor and Translator, the latter of which was so important for reaching a non anglophone audience. 

The Results

We think the look and feel of the new site speaks for itself, but more importantly, so did Logie and the team at JM Distro. The new site was significantly more intuitive to use, faster and had a slick and professional look to it. This look was in keeping with the JM Wholesale branding but still with its own unique personality.

One of the most important results from our work rebuilding the JM Distro site was the fact that Logie and his team could now access and interact with the new site far more easily themselves. This has effectively future proofed the site, allowing the team at JM Distro to make changes to it and add content.

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