Why Great Copywriting Matters

Copywriting, when done properly, comes with benefits that far outweigh the investment involved. Creating engaging and well thought out copy is key to building a genuine and trusted brand voice, establishing yourself as the market leader you rightly deserve to be.

We have seen over and over again how poor content falls at the first hurdle and how good content can push engagement levels and audience retention sky high, establishing trust and authority. This authority will ultimately help your content attract more business, as opposed to your less visible and less compelling competitors’ output. 

On top of this, when it comes to SEO, well-written, helpful content means more visibility. With Google placing more and more emphasis on user engagement, as well as on-page signals, creating content on the cheap is a completely false economy, with very little return on investment. Well researched, well written content that addresses the needs and issues of your audience will help you establish the signals that Google’s increasingly sophisticated algorithms are looking for to rank your website.

Copywriting Done Properly

At Superb Digital we create copy that turns human and search engine heads. Our team of copywriters have been hand picked for their exemplary and varied portfolios of published work and come from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. This allows us to assign a copywriter to your campaign that is best suited to your industry and the style and nature of the content we need to create to generate you results.

We pride ourselves on being able to turn our hand to any content brief on any topic or in any industry. Whether we’re doing a deep-dive into a particular subject or creating a landing page that will push the benefits of your offering and generate leads, we can create intelligent and engaging copy that talks to your target audience.

Whether that’s researching and writing content independently or conducting Q&A sessions with you, your team, or even one of your clients, we can produce copy that shines a light on your brand, your expertise and your USPs. 

Some examples of how we’ve helped our clients include: 

  • Writing case studies to demonstrate how they provide real world results for clients and customers.
  • Creating a regular stream of high quality guides, features and analysis for our client’s blog, much of which is also shared across social media channels. 
  • Creating key landing pages from scratch, or optimising and improving existing pages, in order to improve visibility in search and drive up conversions. 
  • Conducting interviews and Q&As to probe deep into a technical subject, helping us to extract client’s expertise and create insightful and polished unique thought leadership content.
  • Creating keyword informed and engaging content plans in order to rank for a wide number of long tail search terms, establishing a new source of traffic at the top of the sales funnel. 

Written content plays a major role in search engine optimisation. Informative cornerstone and blog content bolsters your online presence by targeting long tail search terms that attract prospective customers.

Copywriting as Part of Superb SEO

Content is the meat on the bones of any SEO strategy. This is why copywriting forms a core part of this service and will be built into your monthly retainer fee and deployed as soon as we have conducted our audit, keyword research and any necessary technical optimisation. 

When it comes to optimising your website, written content plays a major role, from producing new service or product pages (or improving existing ones) to generating informative top-of-the-funnel cornerstone and blog content – the stuff that really bolsters your search presence, by targeting a huge number of long tail search terms that attract prospects at the discovery stage of the customer journey.

Whilst many agencies will only produce a broad set of on-site recommendations and sit back and let you produce the copy, we understand that most busy companies don’t have the time or the spare capacity to produce their own copy. This is where we come in. And the more we write for you, the more our amazing copywriters can start to get under the skin of your industry. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a long term client to tell us they actually learnt something after reading a recent blog post we wrote for them. 

That’s not to presume you want us to write all or even any of your content. You know your business better than us at the end of the day. So, whilst we excel at writing, we also excel at putting together comprehensive actionable content plans and briefs. So, if you or someone from your team has the capacity, we will happily create the content plans, content briefs and even detailed article outlines to guide them. 

However you want to work, we can accommodate. 

To see some examples of the copy we’ve produced for our clients and talk about our copywriting, either as a standalone service or as part of our SEO offering, get in touch with us today.

Copywriting FAQ

How long will it take to write the copy?

We favour excellence and consistency over volume, which is why we have a relatively small team of writers. As such, our copywriters have busy workloads, which is why we require a maximum of 30 working days from the creation of any brief (whether you create it or we do) to the production of the first outline.

This is to allow us to build your content into our team’s workload, whilst giving us the flexibility and capacity to assign you the best copywriter for the job.

How much oversight do I get over the copywriting process?

Our sign off process is robust and we never start writing copy we’ve researched ourselves without full buy-in from you. If you have a content brief, we will make sure that our copywriter has gone through it to establish whether they can independently research and write it up before we sign off on it. Any input or clarification we need from you, we’ll do at this point.

With our own content plans, we provide you with a proposed title and a brief for each individual piece of copy we plan on writing up so you can sign off on before we make a start.

Some of our clients prefer a light touch and allow us to plan, research and write the content ourselves, whilst others like to get more involved in planning. Others will want to go further and collaborate heavily on every piece of content, providing assets and allowing us to conduct interviews and Q&As.

Either way, we will present every content plan, outline and finished draft to you for sign off so you have full oversight at every step of the process.

How can I collaborate on content?

We give clients as much or as little collaborative input as they require over the copywriting. If you require more input or oversight, we can provide a detailed outline before starting on the first draft. This will show you the layout and structure of the article or webpage we are creating. This gives you the opportunity to add your own comments and steerage before signing off.

Our copywriters are really good researchers and can turn their hand to most subjects but sometimes a brief will be too technical or simply unresearchable and therefore require input from yourselves, or someone on your team. This allows us the scope to really bring your expertise and experience to bear, giving the copy a more personal feel and plenty of inside knowledge.

We find copy like this often trumps a lot of internet researched content and can be deployed in a more aggressive manner, and even be used as a selling tool by your sales people.

Can I still get results if I try to save money on copywriting?

There is both an art and a science to writing good quality content and having an aptitude for both isn’t a common thing. While it can be argued that just about anyone can learn how to write, trusting your site to anyone who doesn’t have a natural flair for both the art and science of copywriting will almost always result in poor-quality content that doesn’t speak to your audience or even alienates them to your business.

Good copywriting is an investment in your most important online asset. Your website is your digital storefront and as such, you should be prepared to make the investment necessary to project your business and brand in the best way possible. Because, if you don’t, you can bet that someone else out there is.

What happens if I don’t like something?

We factor in two rounds of amendments on all our copywriting, as long as these don’t stray too far from the scope of the agreed content plan or brief. Any changes after that will be charged at our hourly rate. This goes for content plans and outlines as well.

Generally speaking, though, we take the time to properly brief you on the content plan and our copywriters conduct detailed research that we rarely get content rejected outright.

If you are worried about the results and need more steerage or input, we’d recommend paying a bit extra for content outlines, which will give you a much clearer picture of the finished article than a simple content plan or brief.

How can copywriting benefit my SEO?

When it comes to copywriting, many businesses make the mistake of writing copy for search engines and not their target market. While that might improve your search engine ranking in the short-term, it is less likely that it will help you establish your brand and convert customers in the long run.

Having genuinely well researched, interesting and relevant content on your website is what is going to improve your user engagement, helping you stay on top of search algorithm updates and bringing in more organic traffic from Google and other online channels like social media. These are key driving factors to increasing leads, enquiries and sales, which are probably at the top of your SEO priorities.

Our copywriters are all SEO literate and understand how to incorporate keywords into content without ever forcing it, as well as deploy external and internal links to help optimise the content for search engines. It’s important to understand that the SEO considerations never undermine or seek to alter the cut and thrust of the content itself – only improve its visibility. With our content human readers always come first.

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