increase in average organic traffic


increase in keyword rankings on page one


increase in Google Ads conversions

Bespoke Arcades Site Mockup


Bespoke Arcades, established in 2005, create hand-built arcade machines from their London based workshop. With nearly twenty years pedigree, they have positioned themselves as the market leader, offering both original JAMMA board machines and emulator based cabinets with tens of thousands of titles pre-loaded. Their products are stocked in prestigious stores like Selfridges and Harrods and are used by major companies like Capcom and Warner Bros for promotions.

The Challenge

Bespoke Arcades was operating two separate websites on two different platforms, each serving a distinct purpose but fragmenting their online presence. One platform was a Shopify e-commerce site where customers could purchase arcade machines directly and the other was a WordPress site, functioning mainly as an informational hub to generate leads for their high-end, bespoke arcade machines.

This separation posed a challenge in providing a unified, seamless user experience and efficiently managing content across both sites. What’s more the existence of similar content across two websites posed a risk for SEO penalties.

Migrating all their blog content from WordPress to Shopify would be a complex process given the volume and the need to maintain SEO value. Moving the Shopify site from a subdomain to the main domain, required careful handling to preserve search engine rankings.

In terms of digital marketing strategy, there was an unclear plan to take on the competition outranking them in the SERPs as well as how to cohesively present their diverse product range, which included both high-end and more affordable machines, across different price points and customisation levels.

The company recognised the need to modernise and unify their online brand presence but weren’t sure how to move forward.

Bespoke Arcades - homepage
Bespoke Arcades - homepage

What We Did

  • Strategic Consultation: We invested a significant amount of time understanding Bespoke Arcade’s requirements during the discovery phase to develop a comprehensive brief.
  • Design and development: By taking elements from the client’s initial design efforts we produced some wireframes for key pages and then our own design concept for the new site structure.
  • Platform consolidation: We merged their two websites into a single Shopify platform to leverage its e-commerce strengths and accommodate the client’s product customisation needs through a specific Shopify app.
  • Content overhaul: After consolidating their two websites into a new Shopify site, we embarked on reviewing and rewriting their web copy, product descriptions, and overhauling product images as an ongoing task.
  • Customer journey analysis: In October 2023, Superb Digital undertook a comprehensive analysis of the customer journey on Bespoke Arcade’s e-commerce website. The deep dive revealed significant friction points causing high cart abandonment rates. Additionally, the existing shopping campaigns were falling short of expectations.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation: We deployed a multi-faceted Google Ads & Shopping strategy that focused on conversion rate optimisation (CRO), meticulous restructuring of the campaigns, and adoption of Performance Max Google Ads campaigns aimed at various audience segments with distinct intents.

The Results

Upon launch of their new website, Bespoke Arcades saw an immediate and significant improvement in search rankings, due to a consistent structure and newly optimised on-page content without any duplication issues.

In a sector that has grown more competitive in recent years, especially post-Covid, the organic SEO campaign has produced some very encouraging results:

  • 103% increase in average organic traffic
  • 101% increase in keyword rankings on page one
  • Keywords ranking in positions 1-3 are up from 6 to 25 (Jan 23 – Mar 24)
  • Keywords ranking on page one are up from 45 to 86 (Jan 23 – Mar 24)

Bespoke Arcades - Ranking keywords bar graph

Google Ads has been a significant contributor to new sales in the first 12 months. The concerted efforts in optimising the purchase journey and pivoting to a high-intent targeted campaign structure manifested in a remarkable improvement in performance metrics:

Bespoke Arcades now have a brand new website that effortlessly brings both the commercial and consumer focused sides of the Bespoke Arcades brand together, whilst offering a seamless eCommerce experience.

With the organic SEO and Google Ads performance looking good and continuing to improve we are very excited to see what year two will bring these stalwarts of the retro arcade gaming sector.

Bespoke performance Bespoke Arcades
Source: Ahrefs

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