Campaign Summary

CW Jones are an established carpet supplier and showroom, tucked away on Hartcliffe Lane in Bristol. With rankings and traffic declining, we managed to turn around their website SEO, putting them back into growth and re-establishing some of their big keywords on page one for local search. As can be expected, a growth in enquiries followed.

CW Jones showroom


increase in enquiries from organic search


increase in enquiries from paid search


increase YoY traffic reversing a 30% drop

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Established over 60 years ago, CW Jones is one of the largest flooring showrooms in Bristol, offering everything from luxury vinyl flooring to wood and laminate and natural flooring. The company first came onto our radar in early 2021, but it wasn’t until mid 2022, after their previously impressive rankings started dropping rapidly, that they decided to work with us. 

The Challenge

CW Jones’ biggest challenge was a pretty serious nosedive in traffic, which was down 30% year on year and continuing to decline, along with their rankings. This was the result of several Google Core Updates. The website had little authority and very little content aimed at their customers specific needs and questions. 

Our goal was not only to halt this decline, but to turn it around and see the company’s rankings and traffic return to growth.

CW Jones Carpets page
CW Jones Homepage trimmed

The Implementation

CW Jones’ website is on a platform called Duda. Learning to navigate this new CMS and migrating their site ownership over from their previous agency to their own name, was therefore our first job. Only then could we begin to make changes. 

Once we had access to the backend, we could start the implementation of our SEO process. Our website quality audit and keyword research had confirmed that the site needed a lot more content and optimisation on existing pages. Quite a bit of web dev work was required to implement this new content through reusable content blocks on Duda. 

As well as optimising for their most important keywords such as ‘carpets bristol’ and ‘flooring bristol’, most of the new content we created was targeted at leading flooring brands, such as Axminster Carpets, Woodpecker and Karndean. The combined search across all the brands they stocked was massive and so this was a quick win.

We then began the process of building backlinks to this content in order to further boost optimisation and get these pages into the top 3 for local Bristol searches.

In addition to the organic SEO we also created and managed a local Google Ads campaign with a relatively modest budget. This targeted searches for their main keywords, brands and products in the greater Bristol area.


CW Jones’ results really speak for themselves. Our core goal to reverse decline was smashed, with a 30% decline in March 2022 turned into a 16% rise by November of the same year.

To put it another way, CW Jones were ranking 17th for ‘carpets bristol’ when we started working with them and, at the time of writing, are now ranking in the top 3.

As a result, enquiries via the website in November 2022 are up 131% for organic search and up 66% for paid search.

Despite keeping to a modest Google Ads click budget, we managed to decrease the client’s cost per acquisition (CPA) by 50% through our continued optimisation and management, meaning they were getting a lot more enquiries for the same budget they’d already been spending.

At the time of writing, on the organic front, we’ve now established competitive keywords like ‘lvt flooring bristol’, ‘flooring bristol’, ‘laminate flooring bristol’, ‘carpets bristol’, ‘karndean flooring bristol’ in the top half of page one – and in many cases in the top 3.

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