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“I am thrilled to share my experience with Superb Digital, a company that has truly transformed our online presence and catapulted our sales to new heights. Through their expert use of SEO, paid ads, and email marketing, they have played an instrumental role in our journey towards achieving our £1 million additional yearly turnover target.

Paul’s authenticity and wealth of experience in the field, spanning decades, have been nothing short of remarkable. His insights and strategies have been the driving force behind our success, and his dedication to our business’s growth is truly commendable.

Thanks to Superb Digital’s unwavering commitment and expertise, our business has not only thrived but has also been set on a path towards unprecedented success. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking exceptional digital marketing services. They are the real deal and have undoubtedly earned our trust and gratitude. Here’s to a bright and prosperous future with Superb Digital at our side.”

Hamza Raza – Operations Manager – Home Image Direct

Hamza Raza - Home Image Direct

About Home Image Direct

Home Image Direct is a Birmingham based company that sells wallpaper and wall murals, from affordable ranges to more high end brands like Versaci and Roberto Cavalli. 

They created a new website during the pandemic but it had failed to deliver on its goal of bringing the company significant new revenue. Home Image were therefore looking for a digital partner to turn this around, and when one of our existing clients recommended us, they got in touch.

"Superb Digital has grown our online revenue from practically zero to a six figure sum in less than six months with Google Ads."



The results we’ve achieved for Home Image Direct are the perfect case study of just how much revenue we can generate in a relatively short period by rolling out a well optimised Google Ads campaign and then reinveting that money back into organic SEO and other channels like email marketing and Facebook Ads.

With a growth in traffic from Google Ads, from 1,825 in month one to 30,995 in month 12, Ads revenue for Home Image was up from 786% in the first year.

We’re now seeing the beginnings of growth from our organic SEO, though, which is up from 1737 in Oct 2022 to 8,019 in month Oct 2023.

Uplift in traffic for the first 12 months of the campaign (Oct 2022 – Oct  2023) is detailed below:

  • Traffic (all sources) : up 1,558%
  • Traffic from organic search: up 605%
  • Traffic from Google Ads: up 1,698%

Sticking with organic growth, we’ve seen really good uplift across a number of competitive keywords, mainly around wallpaper brand and wallpaper style related keywords. We’re coming from a low starting point but growth across all tracked keywords has been extremely positive at 1,202% growth by month 12.

In such a competitive sector, the revenue uplift from Google Ads has allowed Home Image Direct to re-invest revenue into organic SEO, email marketing, Facebook and Pinterest Ads, further driving their revenue growth in year two. 

Watch this space for updates…

Home Image Direct homepage
Screenshot 2024 01 11 at 09.18.29 Home Image Direct
Home Image Direct organic traffic value 2022-2024 (source: Ahrefs)

The Implementation


    • The channel that would generate an almost immediate effect would be Google Ads so we created a mix of campaigns using Google Shopping, Search & Display Networks.

    • Google Ads started generating sales pretty quickly.
    • We are now running Facebook Ads with good results.

Organic SEO

    • Home Image Direct’s website was using a CMS called Shopware 6, not one we were familiar with but not too dissimilar to Shopify.

    • Main issue organically was no content so we started writing Product Listing Page content.

    • Rewrote and optimised all target Product Detail Page descriptions.

    • In conjunction with the client we have developed a comprehensive blog content strategy that supports main category pages as well as related long tail search.

    • Now we’re building up a body of content on the website and promoting it via link building and weekly promotions emails.

Other Marketing Activity

    • Began email marketing in month 6, integrating Klaviyo with Shopware CMS. We designed various automated email sequences to be triggered by various events such as abandoned cart.

    • Created email designs for weekly newsletters.

    • Started promoting products across Facebook and Instagram.

    • We are now also using Pinterest to promote products.

Home Image Direct - Damask wallpaper

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