Online Reputation Management

What are the Benefits of our Reputation Management Services?

Online Reputation Management Agency
  • Improve your brand image online
  • Increase your credibility with potential customers
  • Highlight and promote client success stories

Reputation Management Services

Businesses succeed or fail based on their reputation and in the digital era never has this been truer. The ease at which reviews can be left and comments made online means it’s an essential part of your marketing strategy to monitor and respond to both positive and negative comments.

Customer Feedback & Review Campaigns

Actively requesting customer feedback and reviews is all part of good customer service. Our team will put a program in place to continually request client feedback which can then be harnessed in a variety of ways.

Net Promoter Score

Establishing how likely your customers are to recommend your products or services is key to understanding the reputation of your business and gives you a target for improvement.

Brand Name Monitoring

Monitoring brand mentions online is essential to be able to respond quickly to both positive and negative reviews and comments. The speed and how you handle comments says a lot about your business. Be on the front foot.

Our Reputation Management Process

1. Consultation: Through our initial consultation we’ll understand your business and objectives and what issues you have with your current online reputation. We’ll put together a strategy for you with a range of tactics to both increase positive feedback and negate any negative comments.

2. Positive Review Campaign: Using specialist software we’ll launch a campaign to contact your existing and previous customers to harness feedback. From there we can encourage the creation of online reviews and gain valuable insights for the creation of detailed case studies.

3. Reporting: We’ll keep you updated throughout the campaign with regular contact, however, you’ll also receive a monthly report detailing positive reviews and comments generated and the removal or neutralisation of any negative online comments.

Reputation Management faq

Reputation Management is the process of enhancing and protecting your online reputation. This includes reviews left on 3rd party review platforms as well as comments made on forums or other websites. It covers both soliciting customer feedback to be able to improve your services and generate positive online reviews as well as reducing or negating the impact of any negative comments.

There is now a multitude of research proving the importance of reviews and comments on potential customers prior to them doing business with you. The ease with which comments can be made about your company and services makes it important to be seen to care about and respond to your online feedback.

Genuinely caring about your customers and being able to make improvements to your service will ensure you not only retain existing customers but encourage them to act as advocates and help promote you to a wider audience.

Our advice is to “be on the front foot” before it gets online. Regularly ask or survey your clients for feedback on your services and products. This allows you to react quickly where a customer feels things could be better and by solving issues before they get out-of-hand you can even turn a potential negative outcome into a positive one.

Respond to all online reviews and comments, both positive and negative, quickly. This shows you care and people will see you trying to resolve issues.

First of all, we would say “don’t panic”. Think of all negative reviews as an opportunity to improve your service. Engage with the reviewer, find out why they feel the way they do, are you able to put it right? If not then look for where you can grow the volume of positive reviews. One or two negative comments within tens or hundreds of positive ones are acceptable.

Fake reviews can be easily bought, however, we advise you NOT to go down this route. There are many cases of sellers and buyers of fake reviews being prosecuted, both in the UK and US. The potential damage to your online reputation, possibly for good, is very real. Far better to wow your clients with your service so that they themselves leave you with genuine online feedback.