What are the benefits?

Creating a regular stream of high-quality content can bring a number of benefits including:

  • Helping your website rank for a range of relevant keywords in the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Bring relevant and engaged traffic to your website
  • Convince people to purchase your goods and services through convincing sales and marketing language
  • Establish your brand identity and personality
  • Help to establish your reputation as thought leaders in your field or industry
  • Grow your social media following by encouraging shares and likes
  • Be seen as a reliable source of useful information

Content creation isn’t just about attracting new customers through the SERPs alone. Well optimised content also plays a major role in brand building, customer retention and customer service. By demonstrating the value of what you do, sharing your industry knowledge and expertise and engaging directly with your audience your business will start to stand out from your competitors and in a noisy digital landscape, this can mean the difference between success and failure.

What sort of content will we create?

It is best to think of content as an umbrella term encompassing many different forms, all of which have their own distinct benefits. By working closely with you or your team, we will create an effective content calendar that ensures a consistent output of content. Our team of experienced writers will then apply their own considerable knowledge and research expertise to produce optimised copy that positions you as an expert in your field, your business as an industry leader and your products and services as the best in their market.

Below are just some of the ways we can use content to help improve your website rankings and build your brand.

Content Creation

By targeting long tail keywords within blog posts we can help you rank highly for a potentially huge range of targeted search queries

Blog posts that target long-tail keywords

As one of the most effective forms of content, blogging can be a powerful SEO tool in its own right. Effective utilisation of each component within our multifaceted approach to blogging focuses on securing and maintaining high levels of relevant traffic and the coverage of specific topics, featuring carefully identified long tail keywords that will draw highly relevant traffic to your website.

Long tail keywords can often be overlooked in favour of those header terms that typically attract larger volumes of traffic. This is to miss the power of the long tail though. By also targeting long tail keywords within blog posts we can help you rank highly for a potentially huge range of specific and targeted search queries. Although search volume can be lower, these visitors are far more likely to share your content and become customers.

Supporting content to your service offerings

Your main web content should always communicate who you are and what you do concisely, efficiently and in ways that wholly reflect your brand values. Our measured creation of high-value supplementary content is designed to support your core messages and will provide your audience with ultra-relevant additional information, encouraging them to spend more time browsing your website.

Supplying supplementary content will tell search engines that your website is providing a quality user experience, as well as presenting consistently valuable and relevant information. As well as delivering the knowledge and answers to original search queries, supplementary content is designed to go above and beyond by providing your audience with even more information and insight than they were expecting.

Your main web content should always communicate who you are and what you do concisely

Case studies, how-to guides, demonstrations, review compilations, top-tier and carefully structured guides can increase your engagement and conversion rates

Product guides

The digital landscape is noisy and when the competition is tough, differentiating your business from your competitors can be difficult. Product guides complement and support the rest of your web content, providing your audience with key pieces of information they need to know before committing to making a purchase.

By creating case studies, how-to guides, demonstrations, review compilations, top-tier and carefully structured guides we can increase your engagement and conversion rates. This kind of content also demonstrates your commitment to customer service whilst showcasing your products or services in action.

White papers

Our measured and considered content calendars ensure that we maintain the correct balance between sales focused and value-adding content. White papers provide the opportunity to investigate the problems or queries your audience may be facing and are an opportunity to really establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. Working closely with you and your team, we can construct in-depth reports, sub-edit your own work and produce in-depth but compelling white papers. This content can then be used as click bait, or even to harvest email addresses or social likes by requiring them before download.

We can construct in-depth reports, sub-edit your own work and produce in-depth but compelling white papers

Where do we get our content ideas from?

There are a variety of sources and methods that we can potentially use to generate content ideas. These include:

  • Conducting industry research
  • Topical events and industry developments
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • From you
  • Industry influencers
  • What’s trending on social media

Well researched articles deliver the most value directly to your audience. Remaining informed on developments within your industry is key to ensuring that the content we create pasts the muster and not only reflects your own expertise but is ultra-relevant and highly engaging. We understand that your potential customer base may well have a good working knowledge already of what you do, which is why we take as much time to understand your audience as we do researching the content we produce for them.

As there are few people who know your industry as well as you do, we’ll also work closely with you and your team to ensure that your content reflects your expertise and delivers the best possible results for your business. No stone is left unturned in the creation of informative and thoroughly researched content in order to boost your search rankings and grow your brand online.

Where do we get our content ideas from?

Why is content important to SEO?

Why is content important to SEO?

You need to know that your business is visible in SERPs for key queries and content is one of the most efficient ways to achieve this. A consistent program of content will communicate to search engines that your website is an authority within your niche and that you are keen to provide your audience with a regular stream of valuable information. Ensuring that each piece of content is fully optimised will make sure it gets maximum exposure in the SERPs, increasing its reach and the likelihood of it being discovered shared and linked to.

Content is one of the central driving forces of every solid SEO strategy because search engines will always favour sites that consistently create fresh, original and valuable content. In their quest to deliver increasingly relevant and tailored search results for every search query entered, search engines are becoming increasingly more sophisticated at ‘reading’ copy. The length, structure, quality and even the grammar of the content you produce all plays a key role in determining how high you’re ranking for key search terms.

In addition to building high levels of trust with your audience, content creation also steadily contributes to the successful establishment of your website’s credibility and authority within search engine results. In parallel to interpreting the content of each piece of content, search engines also take into consideration the structure of your website, how many pages it has, how those pages are linked, the volume and quality of the content on those pages, as well as user behaviour like bounce rate, dwell time and the number of pages visited per session. All of this can be achieved through the consistent creation of well-developed content.

A comprehensive approach to internal linking structures will provide search engines with additional contextualising information, giving them an enhanced understanding as to what your website is offering and the nature of the information being communicated. Internal linking also ensures that page authority is shared throughout your site. This means that if a blog article goes viral or earns a significant volume of backlinks, the gained page authority is passed onto the pages on your site that you really want to rank, like your service pages or homepage.

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