SEO Revenue Forecaster

A little bit of knowledge can be a powerful thing!

Too many businesses invest in SEO without really understanding what return they’re going to get from it and how long their investment will take to pay off. It’s why so many either underinvest because they don’t appreciate the level of return or simply give up before they see any results.

Calculating the ROI opportunity in your industry, across competitive target keywords, will allow you to predict revenue uplift and give you a strong understanding of what results-driven SEO is worth to your business.

Following our easy to execute steps, with accompanying tables, links to useful resources and clear guidance, we will show you how to:

Define your target products and associated landing pages

Identify your critical keywords and how much traffic and new business they could be delivering you

Calculate your search market opportunity from being in position 1-3 in Google’s search results

Work out your ideal investment level based on a predetermined ROI

Comes with our free companion Google Sheet Template, with formulas to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you

And so much more knowledge and insight besides…

Superb Digital’s SEO Revenue Forecaster will give you the tools and the techniques to go out and gather the data needed to put together powerful forecasts and create a compelling business case for investing in SEO.


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