150% Increase in Organic Traffic Bristol Print Company

Published on: 05 Jun, 2016

Manor Printing Services are one of Bristol’s and the UKs leading eco-friendly printers. They have been in the market for some forty five years and their MD, Chris Holloway, has been at the helm of the company for twenty seven of those years. This wealth of experience and expertise has secured the company a lot of repeat and referral business over the years but it has always struggled to generate a significant amount of new enquiries through its website. This is why they decided to approach Superb Digital.

Manor Printing Services


Chris understood more than most how technology was rapidly changing the marketing business. The success of Manor has could largely be put down to his ability to recognise this and invest in new printing technologies to create a modern all-in-one design and printing service for the 21st century. Bringing the company’s own online presence up to speed was another natural step in this process.

We set about identifying the key areas of expertise so that we could begin building a powerful content marketing strategy around. From litho printing to environmental sustainability, this insightful content would form the backbone of an organic SEO campaign that would not only help to get Manor’s website ranking higher in Google, but also establish Chris as an authority in his field.

As this portfolio of onsite and offsite content has grown, we have seen Manor’s traffic jump by 50% and organic traffic triple.

Increase in organic search traffic