94% Increase in Revenue for Bristol based Online Jewellery Store


With nearly two years under our belt with Lillicoco and a 263% increase in organic search traffic year on year, Lillicoco is a great Superb Digital success story. On a personal level, we’ve loved the challenge of working with this company, creating rich, educational and at times academic quality content that has really showcased and contextualised their fabulous collection of antique and vintage jewellery.

With a 94% increase in revenue from organic traffic, we hope to continue working with Lillicoco for years to come.

Increase in Revenue Year-on-Year
Increase in Organic Traffic Year-on-Year

About Lillicoco

Established in 2015, Lillicoco is a ten person strong online business specialising in antique and vintage jewellery based in Bristol. The founders of Lillicoco, Simon Green and Stacey Lillico, had a clear and ambitious vision; to build one of the biggest antique jewellery ecommerce websites in the UK.

Lillicoco Jewellery SEO

Fundamental to the Lillicoco business model was the creation of a website that didn’t just sell antique jewellery but also educated people about the origins and history of these pieces. From the Georgian and Victorian eras through to the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods of the early 20th century, Lillicoco has always sought to position themselves as educators and authorities on the origins of vintage jewellery.


Their Challenges


When we began working with Lillicoco in February 2018, Lillicoco were relying heavily on sales made through Etsy, something that was hitting their bottom line hard with the commission the platform took.

Etsy Lillicoco
Lillicoco’s Etsy Store

The company had reached the limits of how far they could push the ecommerce site, which was built on Shopify by Simon himself and were on the lookout for a local partner who could help them with a range of digital activity, from content creation, technical SEO, onsite optimisation through to managing their AdWords campaigns.

As an integrated SEO agency that has always put transparency at the heart of everything it does, Lillicoco and Superb Digital were the perfect fit. We hit it off with Simon and Stacey straight away. Simon later told us that we’d given much better advice than the other agencies he’d approached at the time.


Implementation of the Strategy

Onsite SEO and Website Redesign

We set about optimising Lillicoco’s existing collections pages, helping to bulk out the copy and improve the authority of these pages against competitive transactional keywords. We also looked at individual product pages and tweaked and optimised any copy that needed it there.


Lillicoco homepage
Lillicoco’s homepage


The onsite optimisation process has also called for several technical tweaks and adaptations to the Shopify site to improve performance and overall UX

About ten months into the campaign the decision was made by Lillicoco to re-design their website, whilst keeping it on Shopify was made early on. Liaising closely with Lillicoco, we contributed to this process, creating new category pages to better segment and silo the ecommerce site in order to optimise it.


Content Strategy and Creation

Well researched long form content was going to be as essential to establishing Lillicoco’s online reputation, as SEO acumen was to establish their visibility in the search results.

Collaborating with Simon we conducted our own content research, identifying topic areas that would benefit him from a keyword perspective as well as generating traffic through long-tail search queries in Google. From content planning to final copy sign off and image sourcing, we established a fully transparent process that Lillicoco had full oversight of.

Key to our content plan were a series of long-form era and gemstone guides that we created for a ‘Lillicoco University’ section we built into the site. We were also pushing this content heavily on Lillicoco’s social media, especially Instagram, which delivered a lot of traffic to the site.


Lillicoco blogpost screenshot
Our long form Art Deco era guide – an example of ‘Lillicoco University’ content


From an SEO perspective, all this top-of-the-funnel content perfectly complemented the category and product page optimisation we were conducting from month one, creating relevancy and helping us to push up the overall domain authority of the site.


Link Building

A key aspect of our SEO strategy for Lillicoco was helping to improve the authority of the site, by deep linking to pages within the site, whether they be blog posts or our university guides on gemstones, precious metals or historical eras.

Jewellery store link building
Earned links and sponsored content

By leveraging our extensive network of bloggers in this area, we could begin building the authority of these pages, helping them to rank in Google, as well as the authority of the site overall (domain authority).

Guest blogging
Guest blogging
Influencer posts
Influencer posts


AdWords and Google Shopping

Complementing the organic SEO and content work, was the paid search marketing activity we were running for Lillicoco. For this we set up Google Shopping to run during high demand periods, carefully optimising their feed, bids as well as identifying negative keywords to maximise revenue.


Consultation and Other Work

We’ve also supported Lillicoco’s other digital marketing efforts through the creation of four e-books which were then promoted via email marketing and as a part of a customer loyalty strategy. This work included extensive design work, photo sourcing and copywriting.

eBook creation, design and copywriting

As well as all the digital strategy we undertook for Lillicoco, we have acted as a consultant to Simon and Stacey these last couple of years, advising on trends and algorithm updates and helping them understand more about what we do.




With a 263% year on year increase in their organic search traffic and a corresponding 94% increase in revenue from this traffic, it’s safe to say that Lillicoco’s return on their investment with us has been significant.

Organic Search Results
Organic Search Results

Outside of the results, we’ve established a model partnership with Lillicoco, earning their respect as purveyors of high quality content, expertise and advice. As Simon puts it himself:

We’ve always appreciated Superb Digital’s upfront approach, their flexibility and the quality of the work they’ve produced for us. Our relationship with Superb has extended beyond just trying to ‘rank better on Google’ to also encompass digital advertising, content creation and numerous other marketing activities. Personally, They are now one of my most trusted advisors and I hope that we can continue to work together for many years to come.

Simon Green – Director of Lillicoco

By treating Lillicoco as a partner from the off and embedding open and transparent processes, Simon and Stacey have had full visibility of everything we’ve done and everything we’re planning to do. We have regularly touched base with Lillicoco to go through our monthly reports, the work we’ve done and what we’re planning to do in the coming weeks and months.

Much in the same way that our content has helped educate Lillicoco’s customers about the rich and intricate history of antique jewellery, we have also strived to shine a light on the SEO process for Simon and Stacey, whilst helping to establish Lillicoco as one of the premier online antique jewellery shops out there.