33% Increase in Leads for Branded Merchandise Company


With very little search visibility and a poorly structured site that wasn’t targeting the right keywords, Bag Workshop got in touch after finding us at the top of Google search, wanting frank and honest advice and an effective SEO strategy. After restructuring their new website with a properly informed keyword strategy, we saw results come in pretty quickly. 


Bag Workshop is now seeing 70% increase in organic traffic year on year, with a 33% in online enquiries.

Increase in Organic Traffic Year-on-Year
Increase in Online Enquiries

About Bag Workshop


Founded in 2005 by Steve Hill, Bag Workshop began producing branded golf related products in the south of France before expanding to a more international audience. Part of the Wurlin Group, which also owns Umbrella Workshop, the company has worked with many household brands, helping them promote themselves across a range of bespoke products, from laptop bags to tote bags.


Their Challenges


When Steve approached us in January 2017 the Bag Workshop website had a very flat architecture, this led to very poor performance on search engines resulting in few inbound website enquiries, those they did have tended to come via repeat business or referrals.

Founder Steve Hill and Wurlin Client Services Coordinator, Jo Skelton got in touch to talk through their goals and requirements.

They had approached other SEO agencies in the past but were immediately taken by our no-nonsense attitude and transparency about what was involved. Having a long term relationship built on trust and quality of advice was paramount to Bag Workshop.


Implementation of the Strategy

Onsite SEO and Web Development

The first stage was to rebuild Bag Workshop’s website, a process we fed into by providing strategic advice and guidance.

We initiated in-depth competitor research in order to start identifying target keywords and planning the restructure of the website. This would allow us to focus our efforts on the primary terms potential customers might use.

We then began adding products that hadn’t been added to the original site and building in categorisation as the website wasn’t structured properly and had no keyword focus.

The on-site optimisation process looked at hundreds of pages and this was also started early on in the campaign, continuing over the period of a number of months.



After the implementation of the new website structure we developed ideal client personas to use as a framework for future content planning.

We then created a content plan aimed at Bag Workshop’s ideal clients, addressing their day to day issues and the reasons they might be looking for promotional bags. This top of the funnel content focused on topic areas like promotional marketing, promotional products and branding and brand marketing in general.


Link Building

Once we had a good body of content on the blog we began link building to it through guest blogging by reaching out to our network of trusted B2B bloggers across a range of business and marketing related blogs. This enabled us to begin building up the domain authority of the site, by deep linking to blog articles as well as service pages.




Bag Workshop began to see search visibility improving pretty quickly off the back of our SEO activity, which began in January 2017. Within three months they were already seeing significant growth and within six months they were ranking on page one for many of their target keywords.

With a 70% increase in organic traffic year on year, 2019 saw 730 leads generated by organic search traffic, representing a 33% increase in online enquiries.