How To Research Your Online Competitors

When an SEO company talks about your competitors, they don’t necessarily mean your bricks and mortar rivals. They mean those businesses and websites who already rank page 1 for the search terms you want to rank for.

These are your online competitors (even if they too have a bricks and mortar shop).

  1. Search on Google using words that a potential customer might use if they were looking to find your products and services and they’d never heard of your company before.
  2. Make a note of all the websites ranking in the local pack and organically on page 1. Might be an idea to copy and paste these website addresses (we call them URLs) into a spreadsheet for future use.
  3. Then look at each web page ranking and the full website and take notes about as much as you can. Such as:
    • The content on the web page and website including page titles, headings
    • How much content there is on each web page?
    • What items are in the main navigation?
    • Does the website have contact details?
    • Does it have a blog?
    • Does it use any video or have any interactive features?
  4. Then use a backlink checker to see who’s linking to these websites. Most SEOs will have a paid subscription to a backlink checker, but there are free ones out there. I recommend it’s easy to use and will show you most of the backlinks.

Why do we do this?

Well, these sites rank page 1 already for the search queries we want to, so they must be doing something right.

The aim is to find out what they’re doing well so you can do it better!

You’ll get an idea of the content you need to create, how to structure your website and who you’ll need to start making friends with to build backlinks.

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