NAP information

What is NAP Information?

A key aspect to ranking locally is having a physical address in the area you want to rank in. This shoul be an actual address that customers could come and visit you at, so this can include virtual offices.

NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. It can also include more information about your business but that is the minimum required. Other information could be:

  • Opening hours
  • Website address
  • Social Media links
  • Business description

Where should you put it?

This information must be on your website. As a minimum, it should be on your contact us page but I like to put it in the footer. This means it’s on every page of your website.

I’m not aware of any research that says there is any ranking boost to having it in the footer, I just prefer to do it that way.

What if you have multiple offices?

Depending on how many offices you have you can still include these in the footer. If you have more than say, 4 offices, it’s going to look a bit messy. So you will need to consider having separate office pages.

If these offices are actually in different cities then my advice would change. In which case you need to create “siloed” local areas of the website. This means creating highly relevant content and signals for each location on the main website. Each office would have its own page with NAP information, map, relevant services to that location and content relevant to that city or location.

NAP Consistency

Businesses move offices all the time, make sure the address on your website is updated if you do. You will also need to make sure you update your business address on your Google My Businesses Listing and any business directories you have created as part of your local citation and link building.

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