Link Building & Citations

Links are hugely important to SEO in Bristol and beyond. Along with your content, they go to establish how much of an authority you are in your chosen field.

Simply put, a link refers to an HTML link from one web page to another. They can be internal or from an external source. When an SEO talks about building links, they’re referring to the external variety.

Part of the reason Google’s search results were so successful was the fact they included link data as part of their ranking algorithm, this was called PageRank (think Larry Page, co-founder rather than web page). Pages with more links are bound to be more authoritative, right?

Unfortunately, in the early days, this was easy to manipulate. Website owners focused building links any way they could. Focussing on quantity rather than quality.

Things have moved on significantly since then. Links are still important but it’s all about quality and how that link has been created. Was it earned or was it bought.

Buying links is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can get you penalised.

Recently Google has come out and said that their algorithm can detect the difference between a natural link and an unnatural one and that if they think a link is paid, they’ll just ignore it.

Link building techniques

You may have heard of some of these link building techniques. If not it’s a good idea to get yourself familiar with them, even if you don’t employ the strategies yourself. Knowing these strategies will help you spot them when your competitors use them and you’ll know how you can earn powerful white hat backlinks.

  • Link bait
  • Guest blog posts
  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Product reviews
  • Business directory listings
  • Private blog networks (PBN)

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