Content Strategy & Optimisation

Content is important to SEO, in fact, it’s vital.

Your website wouldn’t be very interesting without content. Content is what keeps your audience engaged and what turns them from a visitor into a customer.

Through your content, you demonstrate many things such as:

  • What you do or sell
  • Your expertise and experience
  • Who you work with
  • Where you work

Google also uses your content to understand what you do, where you do it and how good you are. This all has a reflection on what search queries your web pages are shown for and their position.

How to create a content strategy

What content should you create?

The key to creating content is understanding your customers, what’s important to them and what problems they have.

TIP: What’s important to your customers is not your business. They’re interested in what your company’s products and services can do for them. How it can solve their problems or take away their pain.

Looking at things from your customers perspective will give you an interesting angle to your content creation strategy.

Try to write down as many ideas as you can, if any are related you can group them together. It might be that rather than a full article, one of your ideas is a section or topic within another article.

Once you’ve exhausted your inspiration, head over to your keyword research tool(s). For this part we mainly use as it will give you hundreds of long tail keyword ideas. These are searches that people actually do and this will help you distil your ideas down further and can help you structure your article with sub-headings and sub-topics.

The idea behind this approach is to create content that will rank for 100s of long-tail keywords, rather than just 1 or 2….or none at all!

Should you start a blog?

I think we’ve just answered that question. Most definitely! Blogging on your site has many benefits:

  • Demonstration of expertise and credibility
  • New and fresh content regularly added to the website
  • Target long tail keywords related to your products and services
  • Bring in 1000s of extra website visitors
  • Provides content to generate engagement and fuel social media activity

On-site blog or off-site blog?

If you’ve not started a blog yet then I would advise you to start one on your company’s website rather than trying to create a separate off-site blog. The blog will drive traffic to the corporate website and this ultimately is where you want it.

If you have a WordPress website then it’s extremely easy to setup a blog with just a few clicks. Most other CMS platforms are also simple to setup but may require slightly more work than WordPress.

How much content should you write?

There’s no real limit to how much you should write. Remember you want your content to be authoritative and demonstrate your expertise, that may be difficult with 300-word articles. In general, data is showing that “long-form” content (over 1,000 words) ranks better on Google and has more engagement in terms of comments and social interactions.

The ideal length, of course, is down to whatever amount of content will cover the topic sufficiently.

How do you optimise content?

The key here is research before you start writing. As mentioned above, use or Google’s Keyword Planner and enter your articles’ main topic and some of the headings and subtopics you’ll get some great ideas for keywords and phrases to use within your content. It’s much easier to write great content in the first place than to try and improve upon mediocre content.

Research the content which already ranks for the search terms you’re targeting. You’ll need to be at least as good as them to rank alongside or better if you want to take 1st place.

In many cases, a well-written, formatted and optimised piece of content can make it to page 1 on its own without the need for backlinks. The greater the competition for those terms however and you’ll need to start looking at using the additional power of link building.

Track your content is Google Search Console on a page and keyword basis. Over time its average position will increase if it plateau’s don’t be afraid to come back and improve it or increase the volume of internal links to it on your website.

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