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After much speculation in the SEO industry, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo finally announced last month that Twitter and Google’s integration deal would begin rolling out during May, after which it will reach every user on the site.

Essentially, the integration deal means that Google will be able to index tweets in real time, almost immediately as they are posted to the site. It will then use this data to help generate search results and inform the rankings within those results. This means that this deal is going to have major implications for the way that businesses approach SEO and social media marketing – where at one time SEO wasn’t considered a priority for social media marketing, this integration deal means that now it definitely is.

So what can your business do to prepare for it? Let’s start by taking a closer look at the details of the integration.

Google has confirmed that tweets will be subject to the same content rules as all the other content that is indexed by Google, including your website copy and blog posts. This means that they will reward accounts that post unique, original, and interesting content that is backed up by high quality, verifiable links and that uses high-resolution images. In addition, tweets that make use of trending hashtags and that use their keywords naturally will also be rewarded by being moved up in the rankings. Likewise, posts that don’t conform to these rules will be punished by Google, including those that do keyword stuffing.

This means that your business will need to have a proper SEO strategy in place for your Twitter account, so as to ensure that you don’t fall foul of the content rules, and that you make the most of this great opportunity to improve your ranking on Google. Without one, you risk falling behind your business rivals and damaging your rankings on Google – both of which would be very bad for business. Whilst you might not see the integration affecting your business for a couple of months, now is definitely the time to prepare for it.

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