Achieving great results from a search engine optimisation campaign won’t happen overnight, but the time you spend on creating and optimising your web content should give you a fantastic return in the future. The idea behind organic SEO is that it is a process and one that changes frequently. To get the best results, you need to make sure that you stay ahead of search changes and trends, and that you adapt your content wherever appropriate. By managing your content on a regular basis, you’ll strengthen the impact of any SEO measures you’re taking and be positioned to take advantage of changing markets and needs.

Google loves fresh content
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Seasonal SEO Advice

One of the best reasons to update your web content is to highlight annual changes in product or service demand and to take advantage of yearly seasonal markets. You might find that a product only sells during a few months of the year, or that media attention has made a previously under-used service much more desirable. Search trends change all the time, and people might not be looking for you using the same phrases and terms they were last year. Consider adding additional content to your site, such as a running blog of what’s popular at your business, so that you’re meeting search trends when they appear. A good SEO agency can help you plan your campaign throughout the year, and make sure that everything is carefully executed. They can also offer SEO tips throughout the year to make sure you’re staying up-to-date.

Google and Fresh Content

There are millions of websites on the web that are now abandoned or that are no longer relevant, and search engines don’t want to return these in search results. The search companies base their reputation on providing high-quality results that answer questions or match searchers with the right services. They will penalise the search ranking of a site that they believe is unused, favouring the often updated and new sites that give brand new content to visitors. If you want your business website to shine among the competition, having new content and regular updates will catch the eye of your audience while avoiding the chance that your site will be pushed down by Google.

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