iStock 1216533952 April Digital Marketing Roundup

Welcome to this our first digital marketing roundup. In this monthly series, we’ll be rounding up all the month’s interesting digital marketing industry news, as well as any useful guides, tools and resources we’ve come across in the month that we think could be of help to you.

As you expect, this month is dominated by coronavirus news, but let’s start with something completely different and a concept that is just so important to SEO that we think every business owner should be aware of it.

What is E‑A-T? Why It’s Important for SEO


What is this concept of EAT and why should you be bothered? Standing for Expertise, Authority and Trust it’s Google’s way of filtering out the junk content out there on the web that’s just plain wrong or out and out misinformation.

Whilst we at Superb Digital handle most of these factors for our clients when it comes to creating content for our clients, the concept of E-A-T is something that all business owners should be aware of, as it affects so much of their website activity. This could be getting reviews from customers, making sure you have an about us page on your website or something as simple as displaying contact details throughout your website.

We’ll be putting something together soon on E-A-T, but for the lowdown check out this in-depth guide from Ahrefs:

Future of eCommerce

Future of eCommerce

Luke Carthy shares his thoughts on the future of e-commerce SEO amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. In his article, he talks about how internet traffic has increased up to 40% in some niches and some things you should consider when addressing Coronavirus. Some of these include:

  • Paying attention to internal search queries: What search queries are visitors using in your eCommerce site?
  • Being ready to accommodate new users: Accessibility is now more important than ever. Make sure your site is suitable for all potential customers.

Google Suspends Local Reviews & Q&A During Coronavirus Outbreak


Google has suspended accepting and posting reviews and Q&A on local businesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Google posted in its help document: “New reviews, review replies, and new Q&A will be unavailable during this time.”

Small Businesses Heading Online en Masse as a Result of Coronavirus Lockdown

Really interesting article in the Guardian at the end of March (ok, technically not April) on the sheer volume of businesses using online services to keep afloat in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown. From yoga classes to garden design meetings, the ability of video apps to keep us connected is inspiring. What’s also interesting is the growth of certain sectors during this period, notably e-learning platforms. There’s even a mention of the importance of SEO at the end.

How Coronavirus Is Affecting the Paid Search Sector

Search Engine Land

Really interesting article in Search Engine Watch earlier this week on how coronavirus is affecting the paid search sector and how businesses are reacting to global lockdowns and strategising to prepare for coming out the other side. Thought I’d end with this as the positive news is that even industries hardest hit like travel are preparing for recovery with spend on PPC likely to return very quickly.

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