At Superb Digital, we’re always focused on how online marketing can be done better. Today, smartphone traffic accounts for more than half of the visits to internet companies’ websites, but in comparison, the number of people that make a purchase on mobile is still noticeably small. Part of this low conversion rate comes down to user behaviour, as people tend to make cross-platform searches as part of their purchasing decisions. But even with that in mind, there are some key ways in which you can appeal more directly to mobile users, and encourage them to commit to a purchase.

Mobile conversion rates

1. Integrate More Video Content Into Your Marketing Efforts

For the 18-34 years old bracket, smartphones are the most used device. According to a recent Google study, 98% of those people use their phones to watch videos. In the same study, it’s demonstrated that online videos hold a user’s attention twice as effectively as equivalent TV advertising or content and that many users are actively looking for information when they search for videos online, rather than passively browsing. This is why video for SEO purposes is becoming increasingly critical.

Actionable video content, such as helpful advice videos, or demonstrations of products, is a brilliant way of reaching users, and of getting content higher up the SERP. If you can integrate a good call to action or prompt to subscribe to your content, you can dramatically increase your chances of appealing to mobile users, and of gaining leads.
Local search

2. Think About How You Can Improve Local Searches

Many mobile searches are still carried out with local intent – meaning users are actively looking for business locations in their area. Making it as easy as possible for users to find you via mobile is a brilliant way of converting users that are ready to buy.

The simplest way to do this is to apply geo-locational extensions to the macro information beneath your website link, or in the ad extensions of your Adwords promotions. It takes relatively little effort to tailor your content to target specific regional locations, so keep it up to date to make sure you’re not missing out on walk-in customers.

Mobile Payments

3. Make It Easy for Users to Pay Via Mobile

Google Wallet and Apple Pay are fantastic tools for facilitating extra conversions over mobile. With search providers pushing for more and more mobile compatibility, and an increasing number of people depending on their smartphones, mobile payments will increasingly come to replace credit card transactions.

There are many alternative payment methods to make use of, so even if you can’t invest in-app payment look into P2P fund transfers, POS payments, or QR code payments. Ultimately, the sooner you make it easy for customers to pay you over mobile the stronger your online standing.

Mobile marketing might still seem like fresh territory for many smaller businesses, but taking the effort to get involved with it now is highly likely to pay off over the coming years. If you’re curious about how we can help you plan ahead with SEO services, get in touch today and see how we can develop your vision of the future.

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