Having a career in digital marketing is unique. Not only can someone become successful in the industry without an expensive college degree or passing exams, but there’s also a universe of information out there that can help us in our jobs.

There are tonnes of cool digital marketing blogs out there that post interesting content on a regular basis. If you’re a beginner in digital or you think you might like to start learning, I’d advise on reading and subscribing to some of these.

Reading blogs is a great way to become more knowledgeable in digital, but reading all those posts can take up a lot of time. Luckily, there’s also a universe of great digital marketing channels on Youtube that you can watch and listen to. Here’s a list of 20 digital marketing channels you must follow on Youtube to improve your knowledge and become a better digital marketer.


Moz has been running since forever in digital marketing terms. Their channel is regularly updated with up to date SEO news and advice. Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday is definitely worth following.

Jesse Hanley

Jesse runs a digital marketing agency, a hosting company and an SEO channel that’s well worth subscribing to. The vast majority of his videos are about digital marketing, although there are also a few about his travels around the world.

Andrew Gunn’s VideoSeen

Video marketing can potentially be very profitable for your business, and Andrew’s channel focuses on helping people make money through video marketing, specifically on Youtube.


Being a link builder, I’ve been a follower of Backlinko for a while. Brian Dean’s strategies are responsible for a whole generation of successful link builders. His Youtube channel features a number of videos that have helped thousands of people improve their Google ranking.

Dan Ray

Dan is another successful link builder who spends a lot of time helping others succeed. He regularly makes videos designed to help people improve their link building and SEO performance. He also runs a great Facebook group full of aspiring link builders looking for advice on how to become more successful in the industry.

Matthew Woodward

Another successful internet marketer who’s been around for years. Matt’s videos are mostly digital marketing based but there are also some product reviews.


SEMRush provides an all-in-one digital software suite for businesses and online marketers and also has a prolific Youtube channel with almost 1,000 videos on digital marketing. With updates almost daily, it’s definitely worth following them to learn more about the industry.

Search Engine Journal

SEJ has been one of the most popular digital marketing blogs for years. Their Youtube channel is updated regularly with interesting in-depth discussions on SEO, PPC and more. Many of their videos get close to the hour mark, so make sure you’ve got a little bit of time spare if you want to watch.

Digital Marketing Strategy with David Bain

David runs a digital marketing training program and also frequently updates his Youtube channel with tips and guides on how to achieve success online. His channel also hosts his live digital marketing radio show.


AHREFS has made its name as a pretty awesome piece of software for finding links to websites. They also have a great Youtube channel aimed at helping digital marketers improve their campaigns.

Google Webmaster Help

Seen as though Google pretty much dominate internet searches across the western world, it’s quite sensible to listen to what they say. Love them or hate them, it’s probably wise to follow their Webmaster Central hangouts and look for little nuggets of information that can help your website succeed.


Unbounce is all about landing pages and helping improve conversion rates, things that are important to pretty much every digital marketer. Follow their channel to find out ways of keeping your visitors on the website instead of driving them away.


Huge marketing company Hubspot have a Youtube channel that they update all the time to help their 30,000+ followers improve their online marketing campaigns.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Serial entrepreneur Gary runs a mega-successful digital agency that services some of the world’s biggest companies. With over 1,500 videos and close to a million subscribers, Gary’s channel is full of amazing information and guides to becoming (maybe) as successful as him.


Prominent marketing news site Marketing Land upload videos aimed at helping their followers understand the world of digital marketing better. Most of their videos focus on social media marketing tactics.

Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard in digital marketing education. They have a great Youtube channel with regular videos and over 5,000 subscribers.

Kimberley Ann Jimenez

Kimberley is the founder of The Business Lounge and her Youtube videos are there to teach people how to improve their client base and find success online. She has over 18,000 subscribers and her videos have been viewed over 1 million times.

Jay Baer

Bestselling author, inspirational speaker and marketing genius Jay is definitely someone you should be following for advice on how to achieve digital marketing success.

Search Engine Land

SEL is a hub of news for search engine marketers and their channel is an extension of their extremely popular website.

Everspark Interactive

Everspark is an SEO agency in Atlanta and has 102 SEO related videos on their channel. They released two videos six months ago but most of their videos are older. It’s still worth taking a look through them to find useful SEO tips.

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Reji Stephenson

1 October 2019

Hi Paul,
Thanks for sharing this very useful list of YouTube channels. I myself run a blog about blogging and digital marketing that can be accessed on the url
Thanks once again for the great share.
Reji Stephenson

Paul Morris

3 October 2019

Glad you like it Reji. Thanks for sharing a link to your marketing blog. We’ll check it out.

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