Website Redesign for Global eTraining Company

Published on: 14 Jun, 2016

Cabling Science is a company that delivers and implements online training for large US corporate clients. Despite its huge successes in this field the company has never particularly worried about its web presence. That is until its main client Commscope made a series of high level acquisitions and came to Cabling Science with the prospect of putting these new clients its way.

Unsure where to start, Cabling Science’s owners came to Superb Digital to completely redesign its website. Knowing how much work would be involved in a project like this, we decided to run a creative workshop with Cabling Science to develop ideas and map out their requirements. It was also a chance for us to learn more about their industry and the kind of work they do.

Cabling Science Website


Understanding what our client’s do and how they want to project themselves to their customers, staff and stakeholders is a crucial part of the digital marketing service we offer. Sitting down with Cabling Science meant we could put together an informed and detailed brief that included design, copy as well as SEO elements.

Once we had sign off on this initial brief we began working with one of our designers to develop some creative ideas and map out wireframes to give the client an idea of the new website layout. We then sent a second more detailed brief to the client, who promptly signed off on it.

Once we had creative sign off, we began developing the website using a bespoke WordPress build and utilising SaaS. In the meantime our copywriter began working on rewording and repurposing the web copy from the old site to fit in the wireframes that would eventually become the new site.

The finished result is a slick and professional looking website that surpassed the client’s expectations. We are pretty proud of it ourselves actually. If you want to see if for yourself then take a look at

What the client said

I would like to thank Paul and the team at Superb Digital for the professional approach to the Cabling Science website overhaul. We made the right decision in outsourcing this project even though we had the expertise in house. Paul added both the necessary resource and additional expertise, understood our requirement perfectly and coordinated, coached, channelled and challenged our necessary input as we had hoped.

So many thanks from us at Cabling Science, it is really timely as we have been currently recruiting staff and also helps our partners extols the virtues of what we do for our clients. Many of our clients have provided great feedback on the improved website and we cant get better praise than that.

Lloyd Smith