170% Increase in Organic Revenue for UK’s Largest Vape & CBD Wholesaler

Vape & CBD SEO Campaign Summary

With a whopping 170% increase in revenue from organic traffic in their first year, JM Wholesale are another Superb Digital success story. In fact the vape and CBD wholesaler is now the largest in the UK, thanks in no short part to our efforts, which continue to help the business grow. Amazing to think that they’ve only been trading since 2017.

increase in organic traffic
increase in revenue from organic search traffic
increase in conversion rate from organic traffic

About JM Wholesale's Vape & CBD SEO Campaign


JM Wholesale are an ecommerce company setup in Leicester in 2017 with the sole purpose of becoming the UK’s biggest supplier of vaping, smoking and CBD kit. With a small core team they work with a number of full time packers and supply many shops, physical and online, up and down the country.


Their Challenges


When he approached us in January 2019, JM Wholesale’s owner, Logie Rajanhad had already built a very successful business in a very short space of time, by any measure.  However very little of the business’s revenue came from organic search traffic. Logie realised that not dominating the search results was preventing him taking his business to new heights and saw a huge opportunity. 

JM Wholesale needed an agency with a track record producing high quality content for the vaping and CBD industry and so Logie got in touch after searching for ‘vape SEO’ on Google and finding our case study for Bristol based Superior Vapour at the top of the search results. He then spent some time researching our company to find out about our background working with ecommerce websites, specifically those in the vaping industry and specifically on the Shopify ecommerce platform

After being suitably impressed with our track record, he got in touch to talk to our managing director, Paul Morris about digital marketing.

This is a challenging market to work in, with strict restrictions on advertising vaping and CBD products on Google Ads, Google Shopping and most major social media platforms, so we had to rely solely on organic SEO. This meant demonstrating the expertise and authority of JM Wholesale by creating a comprehensive knowledge base and thanks to our experience with vaping and CBD clients we had a head start.

Just a quick look at the website, allowed us to ascertain that, despite a slick looking website, with lots of products there was a real lack of in depth content, both for product and collection descriptions, as well as “evergreen” content like guides and expert analysis. JM Wholesale, in other words, was missing out on a ton of potential search traffic.

CBD e-liquids SEO


Implementation of the CBD SEO Strategy


SEO Audit and Identifying Opportunities

The challenge for doing ecommerce SEO on such a large website like this is identifying the areas where we can make the most difference quickly (what we like to call the ‘low hanging fruit’). 

Broadly speaking the JM Wholesale site was split into three main product areas, namely vaping, CBD and smoking accessories. Taking our steer from the client, we started by focusing on the vape side of the business.

We conducted a comprehensive website audit and content audit to identify the priorities and any technical issues. We pulled in information from Google Search Console and Ahrefs in order to identify not just the search volume and competitiveness of individual product related keywords but also broader categories, like e-liquid, vape mods, batteries, etc.

This then allowed us to create a strategy that identified both existing pages that needed further optimisation, as well as new pages we needed to create in order to take advantage of untapped search traffic.




Onsite Optimisation and New Web Page Creation

With experience working in the vape industry we know that vape brands get a lot of search and JM were ranking for brand search terms but on their product pages. We therefore created brand collections which targeted these search terms. We did this for all their vape products and, at the time of writing, are now finishing off doing the same for the CBD brands.

We then worked through existing pages, populating the collection and product pages with fresh and engaging copy, like FAQs and product descriptions, which would prove hugely important in helping them rank for a lot of transactional search terms. 

Alongside the content production we also looked to improve everything about the website we could, from its design and structure, to adjusting their themes and Shopify code to pull out short descriptions on collections pages to help improve UX and visibility. 

On-site optimisation was boosted further by using a Shopify app called ‘Custom Fields’ which allowed us to add more text in new sections on product and collection pages. We are planning to go back over these to pull FAQ schema in, further improving click through rates on these pages in the SERPs.

Over time the improvements in quality, expertise and authoritativeness of the content, saw many of JM Wholesale’s pages start to rank highly on Google, generating a huge uptick in organic traffic.


Blog Content and Link Building

We looked to create in-depth blog articles aimed at educating at JM Wholesale’s core customer base. Because these are vape and CBD business owners and not the general public, many of these articles were B2B focused, covering areas like regulation, business strategy and industry news.

The final string to our bow would be our link building strategy. We reached out to established vape bloggers, as well as lifestyle bloggers in order to build links back to their blog content and other deep links. This helped us increase the overall domain authority of the site, reinforcing its relevance and lifting those all important money pages onto page one.


Flipping to a CBD Focus

We pride ourselves on giving our clients a frank and honest assessment of what they can achieve with their budget, so we were upfront in telling Logie from day one that it was important not to spread himself too thinly. As such we began with a focus on vaping products before progressing onto the vast range of CBD products. 

The timing of this was partly to do with us having covered all the vaping categories and brand pages we had earmarked to create, but also due to a significant boom in the expanding UK CBD market.

CBD is an emerging market and one that it is practically impossible to do online advertising for, with major platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram all banning it from their paid advertising platforms. Not only this but major merchant account providers like PayPal and WorldPay also ban CBD related transactions.

That being said it is a lucrative market and one we have given JM Wholesale a huge lift in tapping into. Employing a very similar approach than that which we took to the vaping products and brand pages, we have also helped to build a lot of high quality informative CBD related blog content on the site. Tapping up our network of fabulous lifestyle bloggers, we have also been able to build highly relevant links on authoritative blogs back to this content, further helping its rankings.


What the Future Holds

We enjoy working with Logie and are consistently impressed by his professionalism, entrepreneurship and willingness to invest in his business to get results. This is embodied by his taking up of TrustPilot on our recommendation to generate positive reviews; a platform that isn’t cheap but is powerful and one which all his serious competition is investing in as well.

With just over a year under our belts with JM Wholesale at the time of writing, and such stellar results and uptick in sales from organic search, we think the future is bright for our partnership with this relatively young business. We will soon be looking to focus on the smoking accessories side of the website, some of which has some pretty stiff competition. With the right strategy in place though, we envisage more lucrative returns on investment for JM Wholesale.


The Results


The results we’ve achieved for JM Wholesale represent a success story we really want to shout from the rooftops. A 186% increase in organic search traffic on a website that was already doing good business, represented a huge increase in revenue for Logie and JM Wholesale and has allowed him to expand his business and product selection, especially in the burgeoning CBD sector.

We have also seen the dropshipping side of the business explode since we started working with JM Wholesale with a doubling of enquiries from all sources. 

As a result of our work, JM Wholesale has become the UK’s largest vape, e-liquid and CBD wholesaler, winning two awards at the 2019 Midlands Enterprise Awards.


  • 186% increase in organic traffic
  • 170% increase in revenue from organic search traffic
  • 26% increase in conversion rate from organic traffic