Leading the Way to Higher Revenue – 322% Increase for The Dog Lead Shop

The Results

After slipping into the all too common pitfall of using outdated and bad SEO practices and experiencing a subsequent drop in rankings, the Dog Lead Shop needed an experienced Bristol SEO company to pick up and put them back on track with business KPIs.

The compound effect of our SEO services has seen the Dog Lead Shop’s website rank on page 1 for some highly competitive and relevant search terms.

By concentrating our efforts on rebuilding the authority and trustworthiness of the website, through auditing the website content, building quality backlinks and community outreach The Dog Lead Shop achieved:

Increase in Organic Search Traffic
Increase in Revenue from Organic Search Traffic
Increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate

About The Dog Lead Shop

Dog Lead Shop opened in 2008, created by the husband and wife team to offer a larger range of dog leads in one place. Although they started with very little expectation, the online demand quickly grew and after their Google drop off, they were keen to get back to expanding their business with some quality SEO.

Their Goals

To minimise their reliance on AdWords and undo the effects of the negative SEO through organic link building, genuine content and fully optimised site content.

Their Challenges

The primary challenge we faced was the bad faith that now existed between Google’s search algorithms and the existing SEO around Dog Lead Shop’s site.

Unfortunately, their previous SEO company had used bad, and unethical practices, outside of the ‘Google Webmaster Guidelines’. By publishing duplicate content, stuffing keywords and buying artificial backlinks, to try and manipulate Google’s algorithms, the SEO company had damaged the website’s ranking and gave us a lot of work to unpick and redo.

Not to mention that the online market for dog accessories and dog leads is booming, with a variety of online marketplaces on e-commerce sites offering similar products, as such SEO was a necessity in driving traffic towards their site specifically.

Dog Lead Shop had also tried Facebook advertisements and to manage their own SEO, but without the relevant expert knowledge things didn’t work out very well.

Aware that without SEO, they’d have to be wholly reliant on throwing money at Adwords, they called us.

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Our Solution

Our aim here was to undo all the bad SEO with an authentic, organic SEO strategy, ensuring a long lasting effect on the rankings of the business. Furthermore, we wanted to push the website far past its previous performance, driving more traffic and ranking its products higher than ever before.

We focused our efforts on two main areas;

Building High-Quality Backlinks

Bad SEO often means building backlinks through artificial means, creating bad content, sourcing it on fake web sites, and paying for irrelevant placements.

As SEO experts, we know that whilst this may seem like a quick and appealing option to bulk up your rankings, building a successful website and blog takes time – SEO years are like dog years – patience and a lot of good, natural backlinks.

Dog Lead Shop already had a great relationship with a dog lead manufacturer and retailer, KJK Dog Leads, which gave us a fantastic opportunity to build backlinks with good relevance.

We followed this up by getting our fantastic content writers to create topical, well-researched and informative blog posts, naturally hitting keyword targets. Implementing an onsite blogging platform to place these on, as well as pursuing an extensive outreach strategy with dog loving bloggers, guest posting to build brand awareness and backlinks.

Optimising On-Site Content

Performing a deep clean of the site, we realised we had to re-write or create new content for the majority of the website, across the home and product pages, to fully optimise it.

After doing extensive keyword research, we overhauled all category and home page content, as well as enhancing the existing product descriptions.

One of the most valued aspects of our service across the board is the regular feedback and personalised reporting we provide to the client, as we performed all these necessary changes, we made sure to keep our client constantly informed of both the changes in the site, and in the performance, giving them an accurate real-time representation of the results.

The Outcome

We began to implement the changes immediately and noticed the results extremely quickly.

Our significant clean up of the technical SEO lead to the drastic increases in the important metrics and high traffic search queries and allowed Dog Lead Shop to be less reliant on Adwords, reducing financial overheads.

More holistically, the improvement of SEO, alongside our consistent reporting, allowed Matt and Sue to streamline the processes of their business and move their focus more onto the practicalities of the daily running of the website, whilst remaining fully involved.

Why They Chose Superb Digital

Matt and Sue were referred to us by another one of our clients, EvolvIT. After seeing the effects of our services on the performance of EvolvIT, they decided it was imperative to see the same with Dog Lead Shop.

Similarly, hearing of our consistent approach when it came to reporting monthly activity and results, they felt confident they wouldn’t be repeating mistakes of the past.

The quality of service and flexibility of price points was another key factor in their decision.

We really appreciated the value and the personalised interpretation Superb Digital send with all the data. As people with no knowledge of SEO, it enables us to understand exactly what is going on with our company

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