Crunching the Numbers results in a 660% ROI for AK Tax & Accountancy in Kent

The Results

After founding the business in 2000, the manager of AK Tax, Andy Hyland, wanted to use organic SEO to increase the number of local enquiries and reduce their reliance on expensive AdWords advertising.

Through a concerted effort on growing local SEO signals, we developed a network of relevant contacts, content and backlinks that propelled AK Tax to the top of page one of the Google rankings for their primary keywords.

The significant benefits achieved by AK Tax included:

Increase in Organic Search Traffic
Return on Investment

About AK Tax & Accountancy

AK Tax is a Medway based accountancy firm specialising in small business advisory services and accounting. Founded by qualified accountant Andy Hyland (FFA, FCPA) on April 1st, 2000, AK Tax is no joke. Committed to being at the forefront of accountancy trends and software, AK Tax offers comprehensive digital, online and cloud accounting solutions.

Looking to extend their reach within the startup-heavy business ecosystem of Kent, AK Tax turned to our Superb SEO services.


AK Tax & Accountancy


Their Goals

Although national ranking would be a positive byproduct of an increased SEO effort, the primary focus for AK Tax was to increase local awareness, to ensure a steady stream of actionable enquiries and local clients.

“To grow the business to a point where it was viable for sale, or large enough to support a staff level that would enable me to step back a bit”

As accountants with specific services, it was important to target relevant customers close enough to genuinely engage with the practice.

Their Challenges

For a small team like AK Tax, marketing the business was becoming overly complex and time-consuming, and whilst they had made successful inroads with telemarketing, expanding into the digital sphere was beyond both their time constraints and their expertise.

“With the rise of postal costs, direct mail is becoming ever more expensive as well. And mass-emailing people is a sure-fire way to just get ignored.”

AK Tax needed a digital marketing specialist to help them expand their communications onto their digital channels and offer creative, intelligent solutions to boost their online profile, with a greater understanding of the digital landscape.

The main challenge facing us after AK Tax became a client, was how to remotely break into such a localised area. As an SEO company based in Bristol, building the relationships necessary to establish local connections across the country, in Kent, had the potential to be difficult.

Why They Chose Superb Digital

Catalysed by their need for better SEO, after seeing a respected contributor sing our praises on AccountingWEB, Andy contacted us directly. The key factors for him in choosing us over other SEO companies was our pragmatism, knowledge and credibility.

“You were realistic in evaluating what could be achieved and what we should target.”

Rather than trying to sell Andy solutions that he didn’t need, wrapped up in technical jargon, we were clear in our advice, setting manageable and trackable goals that were within the reach of our extensive SEO services. As an agency, we pride ourselves on our clarity and transparency, which is why we not only help you with your SEO but teach you our tricks of the trade, allowing you a greater understanding of our strategies, with the intention to give you security that our methods are working for you, as well as the tools to build your own SEO in the future.

Would you like a steady stream of new enquiries?

Our Solutions

The primary aspect of the development of our SEO campaign was locality. As stated earlier, the main focus for AK Tax was to rank locally and reach potential local customers, as such, we developed our campaign around a concentrated digital PR, and targeted SEO effort, to place content and build backlinks within the local business and digital communities.

Performing extensive market research, we identified key players within the Kent small business community and approached them with topical and relevant content created by our in-house content marketing team.

Developing strong relationships, we quickly became regular contributors to a number of Kent business related blogs and topical sites, strengthening AK Tax website’s backlinks and Google relevance. Simultaneously, we developed their own onsite blog, enabling us to write about Medway and Kent-specific business news and articles, further directing area specific searches to the AK Tax website.

We combined our targeted media outreach plan – writing on topics aligned with the business objectives of AK Tax – with an extensive overhaul and optimisation of the service and home pages, impactfully localising the onsite content to rank for the higher local search volumes.

Finally, we implemented customer outreach programmes, such as asking clients for Google Business+ reviews and driving up positive brand awareness.

Google Rankings

As with all good organic SEO, it took AK Tax a few months to start seeing the results of our campaign, but when quantified the results were impressive.

Alongside the significant numerical returns, outsourcing the SEO services to a trusted provider allowed Andy and his team to prioritise more time with their current and promising prospective clients, instead of chasing after low quality, low return prospects.

Similarly, outsourcing to Superb Digital has fully automated the marketing process, regulating the stream of enquiries from a potential 1, to a definite 2 to 3 a week.

“I regularly get 2 or 3 phone calls a week from people who’ve found the website on Google. And they’re serious enquiries, from people who’ve taken the trouble to pick the phone up themselves and get in touch.”

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