What is Remarketing and how does it Work?

Remarketing lets you show ads on partner sites that are part of the Google Display Network to people who have already visited your website. It works via remarketing code added to your website, which then uses cookies to put your site’s visitors on a list to get served remarketing ads.

These ads can be tailored to the specific actions your site’s visitors have made while they were on your site. For example, you can customise one ad for visitors who only got to your home page then left, and another ad for visitors who checked a product page on your online store. You can even set ads to show to people who have downloaded a guide or ebook or other type of ‘lead magnet’ from your site.

This flexibility in remarketing, allows you to not only target users who have engaged with your site, but to target different ads at different users, depending on where they are on their customer journey. 

How Superb Digital can Supercharge your Remarketing

At Superb Digital we know the power of remarketing and run it for many of our clients. We can help you set up your campaign from crafting a strategy to setting up the code right through to execution and ongoing measurement. 

We’ll start with creating the ad copy and necessary graphics, then, if we need to, we’ll set up A/B testing to find out which one works best (this is best suited to sites with a lot of traffic or for lead nurturing campaigns). To ensure your remarketing campaign continues to perform well, we’ll examine relevant metrics like impressions, click-through rate, and keywords with high ROI to ensure your remarketing campaign is fully optimised and delivering you the maximum ROI month in month out. 

As with all our services we are fully transparent in what we’re doing and the data we’re uncovering, which is why we’ll send you a comprehensive but clear and easy to read report every month. This will show spend, interactions, and conversions, as well as lots of other data. 

We have the team, the tools and the pedigree to set up a hassle free and highly effective remarketing campaign for your business and start turning those abandoned shopping carts and site visits into actual reengaged customers.

We know the power of remarketing and run it for many of our clients.

Remarketing FAQ

How is remarketing different from retargeting?

Traditionally, retargeting specifically referred to showing paid ads to people who have visited a website. Remarketing used to be about re-engaging a customer like getting them to resubscribe or upgrade their product.

Nowadays, the terms are interchangeable, with both having the same goal of increasing conversions from the audience with the highest potential conversion rate: people who have already interacted with your business.

What are the benefits of remarketing and when should I do it?

There are a lot of benefits to remarketing but these can be broken down into three areas:

  • Greater reach — You can connect with your target audience beyond the limits of your website and social media accounts.
  • Customised ads — You can fine-tune your ads to better cater to what your target audience wants based on what actions they’ve taken on your site.
  • Higher conversion rates — Remarketing ads are more likely to get clicks than regular ads that lead to conversions.
How do I make my remarketing more effective?

Fine tuning remarketing campaigns and ads is about understanding your audience and the data you are receiving on engagement and click throughs. There are a number of ways you can supercharge your remarketing:

  • Create remarketing segments — Focus your ads on the different people who visit your site and take differing actions. In other words, get more granular with your ads and exactly who they’re targeting.
  • Practice upselling and cross-selling — You have a better chance of selling upgrades or another related product to an existing customer than trying to catch the attention of a visitor who has yet to make their first purchase from you.
  • Consider timing — You can schedule ads to only show up for a specific period after people visited your site when they are more likely to think about buying. Understanding when your target audience is most likely to buy is a powerful thing in remarketing.
Is remarketing relevant to my SEO strategy?

In a word, yes and no. Remarketing has no direct relation to any ranking signal in Google’s search engine algorithm but there is an indirect influence in that remarketing helps a lot with establishing brand recognition which helps push up brand related searches over time.

Remarketing lists can also be used to retarget previous visitors in the search results if they’re still searching for your product or service. They serve as a reminder to people who’ve been to your site that they can come back if they are Googling a product that you already offer.

Remarketing also allows you to compete with bigger firms that rank high in organic search if you have well-targeted remarketing ads. 

How do I make sure I’m not over-targeting people?

You can set parameters to limit who you target and how often your ads show up. There’s no guarantee you’ll know for sure when you begin, so testing your remarketing campaigns’ performance is key.

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