Why should my Business use Facebook Ads?

Facebook has a potentially vast audience of some 2.7 billion monthly active users. Your ads can then be targeted at a target demographic, location, gender, age, profession, or any other number of other attributes that users have the ability to set on their individual profiles.  

It is this laser-focus targeting that makes Facebook advertising so powerful and enticing to brands, especially in the B2C space. You can really specify who sees your ads to an incredible degree, even targeting behaviours and interests.

This targeted audience is also spread across multiple platforms, including Instagram and Messenger and ads can be shown in different ways, such as in activity feeds and stories. 

Facebook ads are also highly cost-efficient compared to every other major online advertising channel, which have an average cost of $2.00 per click compared to Facebook’s $0.50.

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Screenshot 2023 07 13 at 15.19.59 Facebook Ads

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Running Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns with Superb Digital

At Superb Digital we understand PPC marketing, whatever platform it’s on and this goes for Facebook as well as it does for Google Ads and Display Network.

We will take care of all your campaign setup and make sure you have access to all the powerful insights and metrics that Facebook produces. We’ll provide this on your report but we can also talk you how to access it yourself if you need to get granular with the data. 

Your ads will then be tracked and analysed using relevant metrics, including various types of conversion data, so we can further optimise the campaign for maximum ROI as it runs. 

On top of our incisive but clear and concise monthly reports, detailing interactions, conversion and spend, we’ll also book in regular update calls with you and your team to go over performance.

At Superb Digital, we have the PPC acumen and the experienced people to run powerful and arresting Facebook ads campaigns. These will also dovetail perfectly into our onsite content plans and wider SEO strategy, if you are also taking these services from us. 

With joined-up digital marketing strategies like this becoming greater than the sum of their parts, why go anywhere else with your Facebook advertising campaign?

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads FAQ

How do I measure the effectiveness of my Facebook ads?

Facebook Ad Manager provides plenty of key metrics that will let you track how well your ads are doing. This tool covers Performance, Engagement, and Delivery, among other core metric groups. You can check for everything from click-through-rate to leads generated to return on ad spend. You can also measure using goals and conversions in Google Analytics.

How much of my budget should I spend on Facebook ads?

As with any advertising campaign, your Facebook ad budget depends on your goals. Do you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or increase product sales?

Advertising on Facebook is a numbers game but you also want your ads to be seen by as many relevant people as possible too. Your budget will require considerations of your audience outreach, product promotion, and retargeting.

Do I have control over where my Facebook Ads appear?

Yes, you can choose where your Facebook ads appear. You can have them show directly on Facebook, on other Facebook-owned platforms like Instagram and Messenger, and on mobile apps outside of Facebook’s control via the Facebook Audience Network. You can also set your ads to show on mobile and desktop devices, as well as on iOS and Android operating systems.

Facebook’s inventory filter lets you prevent your ads from showing alongside inappropriate or sensitive content. And if you want to be more specific about where you don’t want your Facebook ads to appear, you can create block lists that can include Facebook Pages, apps, and websites.

How do Facebook Ads differ from Google Ads?

Facebook ads let you directly advertise on the entire Facebook network, focusing on social media channels. Google Ads, on the other hand, are for advertising through the Google Search and Display networks, showing ads on search engines and websites that are part of these networks.

The important difference here is that Google Ads is demand generated, which means the user is actively searching for something. Social media is a whole different affair, so on Facebook there’s no intent, so you’re hoping to get your ad in front of the right person at the right time.

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