An Ad Extension is essentially an additional piece of information which enhances an advert and increases its value. In today’s competitive online marketplaces, businesses need to actively take steps to provide potential visitors with as many reasons as possible to click through and engage with the content they are presented with.

Utilising the Ad Extension feature on Google Ads can be an effective way to stand out from competitor brands in busy online marketplaces. Ad Extensions can give campaigns an edge, thereby allowing businesses to set themselves apart from some of the more mediocre efforts employed by other businesses.

Selecting the most beneficial Ad Extension has the potential to increase the click-through rate (CTR) of a webpage by multiple percentage points.

What Extension formats are available?

Ad Extensions range from additional links to reviews and contact information, which offers plenty of scope for advertisers to use extensions to drive beneficial outcomes for an individual campaign. Additional Ad Extension formats include:

  • Location information
  • Additional text
  • Call buttons
  • Pricing
  • Apps
  • Lead forms

There are two different types of Ad Extension: automated and manual. When using automated extensions, Google will automatically select the extensions it believes will deliver the most value and relevance for each search query.

Extensions give an advert more content, which ultimately increases its size and allows businesses to benefit from the additional visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). This additional visibility can increase the number of clicks an advert receives and help advertisers to drive the most value from their advertising spend.