Campaign Summary

With a four fold increase in organic search revenue and a similar return on their investment, it’s safe to say that High Growth Knowledge Company’s investment in Superb Digital’s organic SEO service has paid dividends for these seasoned business consultants. 

We have lots of content driving traffic to our website.

Peter Quintana, Director


Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Return on Investment

Superb Digital have helped us drive a lot more traffic to our website which we've seen the benefit from, in terms of new business. Highly recommended.

Peter Quintana, Director, High Growth Knowledge Company

HGKC website in a tablet

About HGKC

Business partners Peter Quintana and Kim Jones run a Bristol based management consultancy called High Growth Knowledge Company (HGKC). Both have many years’ experience in their field, having advised many large and well-known companies across a variety of industry sectors. When they came to Superb Digital in December 2015, high growth was exactly what they were looking for when it came to their own web presence.

The Challenge

Business consultancy isn’t always the easiest thing to do SEO for, not least because there aren’t any reliable defined search terms that people tend to search for. In short, the way to attract business in search is to present convincing and educational content to business people that have a specific problem with growth, but who may not yet know they need a business consultant like HGKC.

This meant that the majority of our focus would be on long tail ‘top of the funnel’ search, helping to drive awareness of the company through their blog and present Kim and Peter as experts in their field.


The Implementation

After sitting down with HGKC we quickly established some core objectives. The first was to increase search traffic and bring more visitors to their site, which in turn would see an increase in inbound leads. This would require a full and thorough SEO audit of their site and keyword research to identify the right search terms they needed to rank for to generate this uplift in relevant traffic.

Their other objectives would tie in with this first, but also help to position Peter and Kim as experts in their field amongst their potential customer base through content marketing. This would involve promoting a recent white paper Peter had written and creating a body of thought leadership articles, both on their own website, as well relevant third party blogs and online publications. Both these strategies would feed into the SEO, helping create strong ranking signals for Google and pushing them up the search results on key terms.


Over the course of the campaign, the results we achieved for High Growth Knowledge Company speak for themselves. The company saw a 430% year on year increase in organic search traffic with the on-site blog driving 60% of this traffic growth. All this allowed HGKC to compete against much larger and more established companies and has seen the company win a major client through organic search.

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