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Using a multi-channel approach, combining organic SEO and PPC, Aspect Film & Video saw significant results, building upon their established reputation in Bristol and opening up a new and very lucrative market in London.

Superb Digital has helped transform our website to an active hub.

Evelyn Timson, MD, Aspect


increase in organic search traffic


increase in organic search conversions


increase in paid conversions


increase in telephone enquiries

Superb Digital has helped transform our website, from a static brochure to an active hub. Their SEO and PPC work has helped us rank for the keywords that matter most to our business, resulting in more leads and customers.

Evelyn Timson, Managing Director, Aspect


About Aspect

Aspect Film & Video are an award winning video production and marketing agency based in Clifton in Bristol but with an office in London as well. They’ve worked with some of the world’s most recognisable brands including Adidas, Samsung, Etihad Airways, Pukka, North Face, National Trust and Bristol’s very own Wiper and True. 

Our relationship with Aspect goes way back to March 2016, when they approached our Content Director with a desire to start building a hub of highly informative blog content that positioned them as thought leaders in their field. They also wanted copy for a number of service pages they were developing for the site. It was in 2017 that we began working on their SEO and shortly after that their PPC.

Their Challenges

Whilst the blog content that we had written in 2016 was helping position Aspect as thought leaders in their field, without a detailed SEO strategy, we didn’t have the data and resulting direction to underpin it. Aspect’s site was beautifully designed but was failing to achieve it’s full search potential, most notably failing to rank for London based searches, despite having an office there, meaning they were really missing out on the lucrative London market.

On top of this, Aspect were being hampered by the original design of the website and the way things had been implemented on the site historically. Significantly they had lots of ‘video production’ related landing pages that all existed at the same folder level in the URL hierarchy. With a flat website architecture such as Aspect’s, keyword cannibalisation can be a big problem, especially where there is overlapping content. Google tends to pick the page which it thinks is most relevant and that’s not always the right page. This was a problem as it was holding Aspect back from ranking as well as they could for these terms.

In such a competitive space, Aspect needed to take their digital marketing to the next level in order to begin ranking for the video related services and ROI related keywords that would bring them in those big lucrative leads. This was a challenge as many of the big ticket pages on their site were competing with highly informational pages and the user intent was often ambiguous.

Nonetheless these were the kinds of search terms that marketing managers and directors of big companies were more likely to be searching for – and this was Aspect’s target market.

Aspect Film & Video
Aspect blog page

Aspect now have a dominant presence in both Bristol- and London-based search results.

The Implementation

Our site audit highlighted straight away that Aspect weren’t really ranking for any of London based search, partly due to a lack of relevant content on the site and partly to do with an under-optimised London landing page. Overtime we built up their local signals and authority through the creation of a London office landing page, updating all metadata and building London specific citations as well as updating their existing citations to show their London address. Last but not least, we started to produce informative longform London-centric blog content. 

There was a lot of onsite optimisation to do on Aspect’s site and most of it revolved around the process of siloing their content. This would deal with a lot of the keyword cannibalisation issues that were going on by creating more relevancy and defined structure around specific services through the site’s URL hierarchy.

One of the big content projects that was born off the back of our SEO audit and keyword research, was a large piece of evergreen content that helped them target keywords around ‘video marketing strategy’ and promote their credentials as video content marketers as well as video content producers. The final guide was in excess of 10,000 words, all broken into chapters and nestled under the new content-strategy-guide silo. We quickly saw significant uplift across target search terms after its publication on the site.


Our organic SEO results have been extremely significant for Aspect, specifically around London based search, which is an extremely lucrative market to Aspect compared to Bristol. From being nowhere in the search results to ranking at the top of page one for terms including ‘video agency london’ and ‘video content agency london’, this Bristol based video agency now has an extremely dominant presence in London based search.

In Bristol, Aspect had historically ranked fairly well for many search terms but we’ve now increased this dominance across many more keywords, boosting Bristol based traffic considerably.

Aspect’s growth has also been reflected at the national level, where they now rank on page one for many big transactional search terms such as ‘branded content agency’.

We’ve seen some impressive results on the blogging front as well (which tend to rank for more ‘top of the funnel’ informational search terms). Amongst their top pages, the Top 15 Locations to Film in London and GDPR Guide are two of the most popular pages on their entire site in terms of monthly unique visitors.

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