The Google Display Network has been designed to help businesses reach specific audiences using highly targeted display advertisements. These ads will be displayed when people are browsing online, watching YouTube video content, or checking their email.

It offers a variety of targeting options, allowing advertisers to display targeted messaging to the people on relevant sites and at times that best suits. Display adverts can be particularly valuable for connecting with new customers and driving additional conversions through automated targeting.

The network allows advertisers to target ads using more than just keywords, permitting advertisers to hand-select on-site placements that are ideally suited to specific audiences.

Ad Formats on the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network provides advertisers with the option to choose from a selection of ad formats. 

  • Gmail Ads can be used to display expandable messaging in a user’s inbox.
  • Engagement Ads can be used to run engaging video and image advertisements on YouTube.
  • Responsive Display Ads feature within the Google Display Network, giving advertisers the opportunity to leverage Google’s automation to optimise ad performance.

Display Network advertisements can help businesses engage their audience earlier on in the purchasing cycle by placing ads in front of a specific audience even before they begin searching for the services or products on offer. Display adverts can also be used to retarget products or services to individuals who have previously displayed an interest in a business.