Digital PR

What Are The Benefits of Our Digital PR Service?

Digital PR Agency Bristol
  • Engage with online influencers and their audience
  • Increase awareness of your products and services online
  • Enhance and manage your online reputation
  • Build brand and product awareness
  • Increase inbound referral traffic to your website
  • Increase leads, enquiries and sales

What will we do?

Digital PR is a powerful tool in building a instantly recognisable and trustworthy brand. Our digital PR strategies will build on and utilise our SEO, content and social media marketing services, by focusing on identifying specific placement opportunities to spread your content for a wider exposure amongst your core audience. We’ll do this by targeting specific influencers and influential publications that we can then use as platforms to reach and influence your target market, industry experts and the public at large.

How will we do it?

As well as distributing press releases, we can also create related and repurposed content to help create a buzz around recent promotions, product releases, client work or your brand in general. We’ll then reach out to industry influencers on social media and in the blogosphere to ask them if they want to write about your company. We can also offer digital reputation management, meaning we will monitor the search results pages and social media feeds for mentions of your company, helping to quickly identify positive and negative commentary or reviews and allowing you to respond or capitalise on it as appropriate.

What will you get?

Our digital PR strategy requires your input to be effective. We’ll sit down to discuss with you the likely extent of this, based on the nature of the PR strategy you want to employ and how much involvement you’d like. We’ll then present a detailed strategy document for you to sign off on. Once we’ve got the greenlight, we’ll begin our outreach program and come back to you with opportunities as and when we identify them. Often this will mean putting you in direct contact with journalists, industry influencers, bloggers or your customers. We’ll constantly refine our strategy as we go and update you on progress and projections with a detailed monthly summary report.