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A cost neutral approach to transforming your online revenue

We unlock quick wins from Google Ads so you can fund long-term growth from SEO, without breaking the bank

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De-risk your SEO

Results-based SEO isn’t cheap. Our tried and tested approach allows you to fund the significant upfront investment required to drive big results from SEO over the long term

Unlock a new revenue stream

We release untapped revenue through Google Ads optimisation, quickly ramping up your campaign to generate maximum profit and a healthy budget for game-changing SEO

Generate up to 10 times ROI

We have a track record of delivering up to ten time return on our clients’ SEO investment by year two (and we’re happy for you to speak to them to prove it)

“Superb Digital has grown our online revenue from practically zero to a six figure sum in less than six months with Google Ads. We’re now seeing a lot of new traffic from organic search and are well on track to hit our goal of £1m additional turnover by the end of year two.”

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Hamza Raza

Operations Manager

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increase in traffic

Figures based on Jun-Sep 22 data compared to Oct-Jan 23


increase in revenue

Figures based on Jun-Sep 22 data compared to Oct-Jan 23


Generated in 5 months

First five months working with client, up from zero online revenue on day one

Sick and tired of your website feeling invisible to Google?

Put off by the costs required to outrank your competition?

Getting to the top of the organic search results can totally transform your business, generating seismic revenue growth from new online enquiries and sales.

But SEO, done properly, takes time and the costs required in those early months, before the returns really kick in, are significant. It can all feel like a huge risk to your business.

At Superb Digital, we’ve not only got a track record of getting our clients returns of ten times or more on their investment, but we’ve been able to get many of them there on a cost neutral basis, straight off the bat. We do this by tapping into the quick returns available through Google Ads optimisation, whether a new or existing campaign. These returns are measurable and usually generated from month one, creating a new revenue stream to fund ongoing SEO work, which usually deliver far higher returns but take a lot longer to realise.

This effectively de-risks the whole enterprise, meaning you can sleep easier, knowing it’s all financially covered.

This is SEO done the Superb Digital way. This is Cost Neutral SEO.

“We have seen a considerable uplift in revenue since partnering with Superb.”



increase in organic traffic


increase in sales


additional Revenue Generated in Year 2

“Probably the best SEO company out there! Superb Digital has done an amazing job.”



increase in organic traffic


increase in revenue


additional revenue generated in year 2

Paul Morris

Our founder Paul Morris has over 20 years’ experience in the digital marketing industry, and has helped many manufacturing and ecommerce businesses grow their online revenue.

Under his stewardship, Super Digital has grown rapidly, to become a long-term trusted digital partner to many of the businesses it works with; an effective extension of their own marketing departments and a reliable source of technical know-how and guidance.

Just ask our clients (which you can by the way).

We know how much confusing and spurious information there is about SEO out there, which is why we never BS anyone we talk to, whether it’s about the costs involved or the financial rewards achievable.

Above making big profits for you, transparency and honesty is at the heart of everything we do.

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