What does a content strategy involve?

A content strategy is the process of putting your business objectives into a plan that uses content to achieve those goals. A good content strategy should guide the planning, development and management of any content that you create and own. Importantly, it will focus on how you will do this and why, answering key questions such as who is your audience, what are their needs and what types of content do they want to consume?

How we build effective content strategies

The way we approach your content strategy will depend on the nature of your business and what you are looking to achieve. Understanding this comes down to robust processes and a good line of communication with you, the client. 

For some businesses, the simple goal is increased search visibility, leading to more traffic, leading to more enquiries and sales. For businesses focused on bringing in local traffic and custom, this means creating content strategies aimed at increasing local SEO signals. Conversely, for businesses with a national focus, the content will have less of a local angle.

For other businesses, their goals may be more nuanced than simply increasing traffic to their site. With longer sales cycles and higher ticket goods or services, content strategies need to nurture prospects throughout the sales cycle. Our content strategies can cater for every level of the sales funnel, from content focused on education and tackling people’s problems, right down to bottom of the funnel content that is more focused on self-promotion and selling.

These kinds of content strategies are about promoting brand awareness and in order to do this we create thought leadership content, often in close collaboration with you, and utilise other channels like social media and digital PR.

In order for us to understand your goals, we first need to understand your business and your sales cycle. Then we can put together a detailed proposal for how we achieve this through content marketing.

Content Strategy

A good content strategy will not only keep your existing audience engaged, it will help you stay on top of search algorithms and bring in more organic traffic from Google and social media. 

How content strategy dovetails with SEO

Having regularly updated quality content on your website will significantly improve the effectiveness of your SEO strategy and help you target a whole plethora of long tail keywords that your service or product pages won’t. A good content strategy will not only keep your existing audience engaged, it will help you stay on top of search algorithms and bring in more organic traffic from Google and social media. 

Being seen as a go-to expert in your sector will also help you to grow your audience and ensure you rank highly in search among your competitors.

We work in six month cycles, so our content strategies are fresh, dynamic and updated with relevant ideas and topics. Our keyword analysis feeds into creating effective content strategies, but this is as much about understanding your business and industry so communication is vital. The amount of input and steerage you want to put into the development of your content strategy is entirely up to you but, however you want to feed into it, we will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

If you want to know more about our approach to content, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Content Strategy FAQ

What is the difference between content strategy and content marketing?

A content strategy forms the foundations for content marketing. It is internally focused, research-based and seeks to understand not only your business but also your market. Content marketing is externally focused and represents the execution of your content strategy. Simply put, content marketing is the campaign itself. While the former leads to the execution of the latter, both require different planning and skills.

Simply put, your content marketing will be much more effective with a solid and well researched content strategy in place.

What does an effective content strategy look like and what kind of results can I expect?

An effective content strategy will cover all of your main media touchpoints and enable you to reach and engage your audience wherever they are choosing to consume your content. It will help to establish you as a thought leader in your sector and build trust with your audience. You can also expect to boost organic search and traffic to your website and increase leads, enquiries and sales.

What channels do your content strategies focus on?

As a digital marketing agency that is primarily focused on SEO and PPC, our content tends to be centred around your website, whether it be landing pages, blogs, guides or case studies. We also create content for a whole number of other channels and media though, including e-books, offline print media and social media. Ultimately, the more joined up and on-message your content is across multiple channels, the more effective the execution of your content strategy will be.

Where should a good content strategy begin?

Any good content strategy should always begin with your business objectives. This is what’s going to allow you to develop an effective content strategy that aligns with your goals and accelerates your overarching strategy. Once you have clear goals in place, you can start to think about what you want your content to achieve. This is where it becomes crucially important to know your audience. This will inform the types of content you publish, where you publish and how often.

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